Economy Colored Polyester Tulle In Rolls

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Sometimes you want to create a great project that you are going to use only once. These can be occasions like a dance recital or a holiday craft. On these events, it is best to use a material that will not break the budget but still have good quality. With the Economy Colored Polyester Tulle, we have the right product. For quick use projects, it does not make sense to use materials expensive materials. A costume for a play or a tutu for a dance recital may only require putting something simple together. This tulle is right for those occasions. It has excellent quality for your project and has your budget in mind. Use this tulle as ribbons and wraps as well. It makes a fabulous chair sash, and even as a centerpiece decoration for parties. Gift wrapping with tulle is also in style. It can make a present exciting for your recipient. Made from 100% Polyester. If you do have a project that requires more volume or that can hold its shape better check out our Premium Colored Nylon Tulle.

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
90930765Apple Green6"100 yd$4.19/ROLL4.196" X 100YD APPLE GREEN POLYESTER TULLE
90930771Aqua6"100 yd$5.44/ROLL5.446" X 100YD AQUA POLYESTER TULLE
90930720Black6"100 yd$5.44/ROLL5.446" X 100YD BLACK POLYESTER TULLE
90930755Chocolate6"100 yd$7.53/ROLL7.536" X 100YD CHOCOLATE POLYESTER TULLE
90930741Coral6"100 yd$7.53/ROLL7.536" X 100YD CORAL POLYESTER TULLE
90930760Emerald6"100 yd$5.44/ROLL5.446" X 100YD EMERALD POLYESTER TULLE
90930733Fuchsia6"100 yd$5.44/ROLL5.446" X 100YD FUCHSIA POLYESTER TULLE
90930762Hunter6"100 yd$5.44/ROLL5.446" X 100YD HUNTER POLYESTER TULLE
90930752Ivory6"100 yd$7.53/ROLL7.536" X 100YD IVORY POLYESTER TULLE
90930786Lavender6"100 yd$7.53/ROLL7.536" X 100YD LAVENDER POLYESTER TULLE
90930776Light Blue6"100 yd$7.53/ROLL7.536" X 100YD LT. BLUE POLYESTER TULLE
90930734Light Pink6"100 yd$5.44/ROLL5.446" X 100YD LT PINK POLYESTER TULLE
90930766Lime6"100 yd$5.44/ROLL5.446" X 100YD LIME POLYESTER TULLE
90930767Mint6"100 yd$7.53/ROLL7.536" X 100YD MINT POLYESTER TULLE
90930772Navy6"100 yd$7.53/ROLL7.536" X 100YD NAVY POLYESTER TULLE
90930757Old Willow6"100 yd$7.53/ROLL7.536" X 100YD OLD WILLOW POLYESTER TULLE
90930740Orange6"100 yd$5.44/ROLL5.446" X 100YD ORANGE POLYESTER TULLE
90930745Peach6"100 yd$7.53/ROLL7.536" X 100YD PEACH POLYESTER TULLE
90930739Pink6"100 yd$5.50/ROLL5.506" X 100YD PINK POLYESTER TULLE
90930784Plum6"100 yd$7.53/ROLL7.536" X 100YD PLUM POLYESTER TULLE
90930780Purple6"100 yd$5.44/ROLL5.446" X 100YD PURPLE POLYESTER TULLE
90930730Red6"100 yd$5.50/ROLL5.506" X 100YD RED POLYESTER TULLE
90930773Royal Blue6"100 yd$5.44/ROLL5.446" X 100YD ROYAL BLUE POLYESTER TULLE
90930736Shocking Pink6"100 yd$5.44/ROLL5.446" X 100YD SHOCKING PINK POLYESTER TULLE
90930774Smoke Blue6"100 yd$7.53/ROLL7.536" X 100YD SMOKE BLUE POLYESTER TULLE
90930775Turquoise6"100 yd$5.44/ROLL5.446" X 100YD TURQUOISE POLYESTER TULLE
90930710White6"100 yd$5.50/ROLL5.506" X 100YD WHITE POLYESTER TULLE
90930750Yellow6"100 yd$5.44/ROLL5.446 in. X 100YD SAFFRON YELLOW POLYESTER TULLE

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