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DIY Mason Jar Vase With Butterflies and Ribbons

Butterflies, ribbons, and flowers, oh my! By the time you've completed this Mason jar vase project, you'll be looking for extra supplies so you can make another one. Who knows, you might even get requests from friends and family who stop by. After all, this flower vase is far too pretty to go unnoticed for long. Let's get started.

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Get Gathering

First, you'll need to gather your supplies. If your craft room is sadly devoid of supplies (gasp!) you'll want to stock up at Ribbons.com as soon as possible. You need to strike when creativity hits, not spend those creative hours collecting and ordering what you'll need. Plan early so you can craft to your heart's content whenever the DIY desires arise.

For the Floral Vase, you will need the following supplies:

Get Crafting

To start, make sure the Mason jar is clean inside and out. You don't want to discover any sticky residue or smudges on the jar just when you're trying to put on the finishing touches.

Once the jar is prepped and ready to go, it's time to add the flowers. What you add is up to you - some great options include pansies, hydrangeas and baby's breath. You can also try tiger lilies, carnations, daisies, cosmos and even lavender -- all of these beautiful faux flowers can create a stunning medley of colors. Or, you can opt for one-color flowers that offer design support, not focus. If your Mason jar is clear rather than opaque, you can add an extra pop of color with some realistic silk rose petals or fabric flower petals. Sprinkle them into the bottom of the jar before adding the flower arrangements on top.

Carefully arrange your flowers and step back occasionally to check the overall presentation. Sometimes, you'll need to rearrange to find the right balance. If one section is too full, simply separate out some stems and place them on the opposite side.

Next, attach the butterflies to the flowers, aiming for a balance of colors and styles. If your flowers are larger, aim for a mixture of large and small butterflies, such as 1 3/4-inch bright assorted feather butterflies and 5-inch spangle butterflies. Deciding to use small flowers only? You'll want mid-size butterflies for a contrast that doesn't tip the balance. These 3-inch Salisbury butterflies or 2 1/2-inch dilly butterflies make a bold statement without going overboard. Each butterfly comes with an attached wire that is easy to bend and twist around individual stems. No hot glue or burned fingers necessary!

Once your butterflies are attached and looking pretty, your next step is to focus on the Mason jar. First, measure out enough of the burlap wired ribbon to fit around the middle of the jar. Add an extra 1/2 inch for overlap. Measure out twice that length for the natural jute cord, and secure the burlap ribbon in place using the cord. Don't worry if the bow isn't pretty. You'll soon be hiding it anyway!

It's time for more flowers. Allow for plenty of extra length in the spring wildflower print satin ribbon, since you'll want a nice large bow in the end. Place the ribbon over the line of cord, and secure a bow in the front, ensuring that the loops are large and rounded. Using a pair of scissors, snip a "v" shape out of the ends of each tail.

For the final touch, add one or two more butterflies to the burlap ribbon. Pick out several complementary colors found in the wildflower ribbon for optimal results.

And there you have it! With the help of Ribbons.com, you can be on your way to crafting success at any time of day or night.

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