6" Deco Ribbon

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The Deco Ribbon is 6" wide and 20 yards long. Featuring a loosely woven mesh design, it comes in a variety of colors and patterns. This 6" deco mesh ribbon has the perfect amount of body and bounce, helping you easily mold it into whatever shape you like. It's available in standard single-tone colors, two-tone colors, and a single-tone color coupled with metallic thread.
This double-faced ribbon is wired at the edges and overstitched with a thread of the same color as the base. You can mix and match different colors and patterns until you've found the that suits you best. You can use this ribbon to decorate your gifts, but you'll find it ideal for interior decoration, as well. The black ribbon with silver metallic thread works particularly well in flower bouquets and wreaths. This 6" Deco Ribbon is made from 100% polypropylene.

6" wide
20 yards long
100% Polypropylene

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
61439646Brown / Gold (Thin Metallic Stripes)6"20 yd$6.41/ROLL6.416" X 20YD BROWN/GLD DECO MESH W/THIN GLD MET STRPS
61421671Electric Blue (Standard)6"20 yd$5.82/ROLL5.826" X 20YD ELECTRIC BLUE DECO MESH
61437633Fuchsia (Metallic Thread)6"20 yd$6.58/ROLL6.586" X 20YD FUCHSIA DECO MESH W/METALLIC STRIPES
61439659Gold (Thin Metallic Stripes)6"20 yd$6.41/ROLL6.416" X 20YD GOLD DECO MESH W/THIN METALLIC STRIPES
61437652Ivory / Silver (Metallic Thread)6"20 yd$6.58/ROLL6.586" X 20YD IVORY DECO MESH W/SILVER METALLIC STRIPES
61437672Navy (Metallic Thread)6"20 yd$6.58/ROLL6.586" X 20YD NAVY DECO MESH W/METALLIC STRIPES
61421630Red (Standard)6"20 yd$5.82/ROLL5.826" X 20YD RED DECO MESH
61439631Red (Thin Metallic Stripes)6"20 yd$6.41/ROLL6.416" X 20YD RED DECO MESH W/THIN METALLIC STRIPES
61437636Red / Gold (Metallic Thread)6"20 yd$6.58/ROLL6.586" X 20YD RED/GOLD DECO MESH W/METALLIC STRIPES
61432630Red / Gold (Two-Tone)6"20 yd$5.82/ROLL5.826" X 20YD RED/GOLD TWO TONE DECO MESH
61421610White (Standard)6"20 yd$5.82/ROLL5.826" X 20YD WHITE DECO MESH
61432610White / Gold (Two-Tone)6"20 yd$5.82/ROLL5.826" X 20YD WHITE/GOLD TWO TONE DECO MESH

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