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The Decorative Mesh Ribbon comes 20 yards long and 4" wide. Available in a wide range of colors and patterns, you can choose from standard colored ribbons, ribbons with a crystal-like gleam, ribbons with metallic thread and metallic stripes, ribbons with checkered pattern, and two-toned ribbons. You can mix and match different colors and styles as you please. You can use this ribbon to beautify wreaths, gift and flower baskets, and flower bouquets.
This double-faced ribbon is reinforced at the edges for added stability, helping you mold it into your desired shape. You can use it to make your gifts stand out or create beautiful centerpieces and curtain binders for your home or venue. A small hammock shape created using this ribbon looks perfect as a centerpiece. This deco mesh is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. This 4" Decorative Mesh Ribbon is made of 100% polypropylene.

4" wide
20 yards long
100% Polypropylene

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
61421420Black (Standard)4"20 yd$3.30/ROLL3.304" X 20YD BLACK DECO MESH
61433435Bubblegum Pink (Crystal)4"20 yd$2.12/ROLL2.124" X 20YD BUBBLEGUM PINK CRYSTAL DECO MESH
61421435Bubblegum Pink (Standard)4"20 yd$2.14/ROLL2.144" X 20YD BUBBLEGUM PINK DECO MESH
61437448Chocolate (Metallic Thread)4"20 yd$4.43/ROLL4.434" X 20YD CHOCO W/COPPER MTLLIC STRIPES DECO MESH
61434446Coffee (Half Solid Metallic)4"20 yd$2.24/ROLL2.244" X 20YD COFFEE LASER DECO MESH
61432446Coffee (Two-Tone)4"20 yd$2.14/ROLL2.144" X 20YD COFFEE TWO TONE DECO MESH
61407447Coffee / Gold (Metallic Thread)4"20 yd$3.17/ROLL3.174" X 20YD COFFEE/GOLD DECO MESH W/METALLIC STRP
61433451Daffodil (Crystal)4"20 yd$2.12/ROLL2.124" X 20YD DAFFODIL CRYSTAL DECO MESH
61421451CDaffodil (Standard)4"25 yd$3.30/ROLL3.304" X 25YD DAFFODIL DECO MESH
61412463Dark Green (Metallic Thread)4"20 yd$4.43/ROLL4.434" X 20YD DARK GREEN DECO MESH WITH METALLIC STRP
61436405Emerald (Metallic Thread)4"20 yd$4.43/ROLL4.434" X 20YD EMERALD 2-COLORED METALLIC DECO MESH
61434459Gold (Half Solid Metallic)4"20 yd$5.00/ROLL5.004" X 20YD GOLD LASER DECO MESH
61434499Gray / Silver (Half Solid Metallic)4"20 yd$5.00/ROLL5.004" X 20YD SILVER ON SILVER LASER DECO MESH
61434434Hot Pink (Half Solid Metallic)4"20 yd$5.00/ROLL5.004" X 20YD HOT PINK LASER DECO MESH RIBBON
61434467Lime (Half Solid Metallic)4"20 yd$5.00/ROLL5.004" X 20YD LIME LASER DECO MESH
61437466Olive (Metallic Thread)4"20 yd$3.17/ROLL3.174" X 20YD OLIVE DECO MESH W/METALLIC STRIPES
61434440Orange (Half Solid Metallic)4"20 yd$5.00/ROLL5.004" X 20YD ORANGE ON ORANGE LASER DECO MESH
61421440Orange (Standard)4"20 yd$3.30/ROLL3.304" X 20YD ORANGE DECO MESH
61434430Red (Half Solid Metallic)4"20 yd$5.00/ROLL5.004" X 20YD RED ON RED LASER DECO MESH
61421430Red (Standard)4"20 yd$3.30/ROLL3.304" X 20YD RED DECO MESH
61411401Red / White (Metallic Stripes)4"20 yd$5.60/ROLL5.604" X 20YD RED W/WHITE STRIPES DECO MESH
61412404Red / White (Metallic Stripes)4"20 yd$5.60/ROLL5.604"X20YD RED/WHITE 2-COLORED MTLLC LASER DECO MESH
61434470Royal (Half Solid Metallic)4"20 yd$3.40/ROLL3.404" X 20YD ROYAL LASER DECO MESH
61433499Silver (Crystal)4"20 yd$2.12/ROLL2.124" X 20YD SILVER CRYSTAL DECO MESH
61433499CSilver (Crystal)4"25 yd$2.36/ROLL2.364" X 25YD SILVER CRYSTAL DECO MESH
61434498Silver (Half Solid Metallic)4"20 yd$5.00/ROLL5.004" X 20YD SILVER LASER DECO MESH RIBBON
61433478Sky Blue (Crystal)4"20 yd$2.12/ROLL2.124" X 20YD SKY BLUE CRYSTAL DECO MESH
61421479Sky Blue (Standard)4"20 yd$3.30/ROLL3.304" X 20YD SKY BLUE DECO MESH
61437475Turquoise / Emerald (Metallic Thread)4"20 yd$4.43/ROLL4.434" X 20YD TURQUOISE/EMERALD DECO MESH W/MTLLC STRP
61437410White (Metallic Thread)4"20 yd$4.43/ROLL4.434" X 20YD WHITE DECO MESH W/METALLIC STRIPES
61421410White (Standard)4"20 yd$3.30/ROLL3.304" X 20YD WHITE DECO MESH
61434411White / Silver (Half Solid Metallic)4"20 yd$5.00/ROLL5.004" X 20YD WHITE W/SILVER LASER DECO MESH RIBBON
61434450Yellow / Gold (Half Solid Metallic)4"20 yd$2.24/ROLL2.244" X 20YD YELLOW LASER DECO MESH RIBBON

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