Daisy Center Strip Sheer Wired Ribbon

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The Daisy Center Strip Sheer Wired Ribbon is 1-1/2 inch wide and 50 yards long. This sheer ribbon features a floral design, with a daisy flower pattern that runs throughout its length. It flaunts a smooth and delicate touch and feel and features wired edges that make it easy to work with as the wire enables it to retain the given shape. It has a center strip that is denser than the rest of the ribbon, making it look shiny and luminous. This sheer ribbon is great for adding an elegant touch to floral designs, wedding or home décor. You can also use this wired-ribbon for beautifying your apparels, crafts, gifts and more by sewing this ribbon into different shapes and patterns. This ribbon is available in soothing green, yellow and purples hues. You can use this ribbon in endless ways to bring an aesthetic look to your surroundings. This wired ribbon is made of 90% nylon and 10% wire.

1-1/2 inch wide
50 yards long
Wired edges
90% nylon and 10% wire

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
48701501Green1 1/2"50 yd$16.45/ROLL16.451-1/2 X 50YD GREEN DAISY CENTER SRP SHEER WRD RBN
48701503Purple1 1/2"50 yd$16.45/ROLL16.451-1/2 X 50YD PURPLE DAISY CENTER SRP SHEER WRD RBN
48701502Yellow1 1/2"50 yd$16.45/ROLL16.451-1/2 X 50YD YELLOW DAISY CENTER SRP SHEER WRD RBN

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