Curling Ribbon Dispenser

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The Curling Ribbon Dispenser is an ideal product for those who love to decorate with ribbons. It is equipped with sturdy electroplated steel spool holders which maintain the ribbon’s shine for longer. The dispenser base is 14-1/4" wide by 14-1/4" long, allowing you to conveniently store either 12 or 24 rolls of ribbon in minimal space.

To use, simply load the ribbon spools with your ribbon roll. You'll need to pass the open end of the ribbons from the holes on the integrated top disc. This allows for easy access to your ribbons. When the need arises, pull a bit more ribbon than anticipated from the top disc and trim with scissors. Leave some ribbon flowing from the disc for future use. This Curling Ribbon Dispenser is made of steel and finished in gray.

14-1/4" wide
14-1/4" long
20-1/2" inch and 33-1/2" height

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
295571214 1/4"14 1/4"20 1/2"$159.90/EACH159.90CURLING RIBBON DISPENSER (12 ROLL)
295572414 1/4"14 1/4"33 1/2"$174.66/EACH174.66CURLING RIBBON DISPENSER (24 ROLL)

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