Crimped Edge Sheer Ribbon

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The Crimped Edge Sheer Ribbon is offered in 3/8" and 5/8" width options and a length of 25 yards. Carrying a feminine vibe with its dainty appearance, this decorative ribbon presents a crimped texture that lends a unique charm to its design and enhances its beauty. The crimped texture is complemented by the sheer look of the material as it makes the crimped edges more dominant. The crimped texture adds body to this fancy ribbon and grants it the firmness to retain shapes of bows, butterflies, rosette motifs and similar designs. The distinctive beauty of this textured ribbon lies in the combination of pastel hue with a sheer base and crimped edges. You can use this ribbon for designing theme parties, decorating gift baskets, making home décor items and for creating hair accessories. It will certainly appeal to girls as it carries a hint of femininity in its design. This crimped ribbon is available in ivory, light blue, pink, yellow and silver color options so that you can use them in combination with each other.

Double faced
3/8" and 5/8" width options
Crimped texture
Sheer appearance

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
562000352Ivory3/8"25 yd$5.20/ROLL5.203/8" X 25YD IVORY CRIMPED EDGE SHEER RIBBON
562000373Light Blue3/8"25 yd$5.20/ROLL5.203/8" X 25YD LT BLUE CRIMPED EDGE SHEER RIBBON
562000673Light Blue5/8"25 yd$5.45/ROLL5.455/8" X 25YD LT BLUE CRIMPED EDGE SHEER RIBBON
562000334Pink3/8"25 yd$5.20/ROLL5.203/8" X 25YD PINK CRIMPED EDGE SHEER RIBBON
562000634Pink5/8"25 yd$5.45/ROLL5.455/8" X 25YD PINK CRIMPED EDGE SHEER RIBBON
562000399Silver3/8"25 yd$5.20/ROLL5.203/8" X 25YD SILVER CRIMPED EDGE SHEER RIBBON
562000349Yellow3/8"25 yd$5.20/ROLL5.203/8" X 25YD YELLOW CRIMPED EDGE SHEER RIBBON
562000649Yellow5/8"25 yd$5.45/ROLL5.455/8" X 25YD YELLOW CRIMPED EDGE SHEER RIBBON

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