5" Crimped Curly Bows

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The 5 inch Crimped Curly Bows are made of a 36-inch long and 1/4-inch wide ribbon. These bows feature 12 strands of ribbon curled to achieve a flower-like appearance. Presenting a radiant shine and smooth texture, these crimped bows include a combination of loose bows mounted on hanging tabs featuring a self-adhesive backing. These bows are 5 inch in size and are perfect for use during festivals like Christmas and Easter for decoration as well as gift wrapping. Its versatility can be used in many different ways in home décor and art and craft activities. These curly bows are available many colors.

5" in size
1/4" wide
Self adhesive
Curled styling
Available in different colors

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
4490011Emeralds5"$13.09/CASE of 24 ($0.55/EACH)0.55CURLY BOW "EMERALDS"
4490009Metallic Golds5"$13.09/CASE of 24 ($0.55/EACH)0.55CURLY BOW "METALLIC GOLDS"
4490012Reds5"$13.09/CASE of 24 ($0.55/EACH)0.55CURLY BOW "REDS"
4490013Royals5"$13.09/CASE of 24 ($0.55/EACH)0.55CURLY BOW "ROYALS"
4490008Silvers5"$13.09/CASE of 24 ($0.55/EACH)0.55CURLY BOW "SILVERS"
4490001Whites5"$13.09/CASE of 24 ($0.55/EACH)0.55CURLY BOW "WHITES"

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