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Colored tassel ribbon is 33” long and includes two 4” long tassels attached to a 25” cord. The cord is twisted with a 1/8” diameter. This tassel ribbon is available in a variety of colors and made of 100% Polyester.

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
4804602Ivory1/8"33"$12.86/PACKAGE of 12 ($1.07/EACH)1.074" IVORY CORDED TASSEL
4804612Red1/8"33"$12.86/PACKAGE of 12 ($1.07/EACH)1.074" RED CORDED TASSEL
4804640Silver1/8"33"$12.86/PACKAGE of 12 ($1.07/EACH)1.074" SILVER CORDED TASSEL
4804601White1/8"33"$12.86/PACKAGE of 12 ($1.07/EACH)1.074" WHITE CORDED TASSEL

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