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The Colored Washi Tape Sets are available in varying widths and lengths. These sleek tapes can be used to add a finishing touch to craftworks. These tapes have a smooth texture and a thin profile making them perfect for a wide range of applications. Each washi tape is made using natural fibers and the texture that adds to their charm can be seen on the surface. The appearance and feel of these colored tapes is similar to masking tapes but they are designed with beautiful vibrant colors making them perfect for designing scrapbooks and wrapping gift packs. You can also utilize the glittering tapes in art projects, to beautify old picture frames, or adding colors to the old books and record covers. These colorful tape sets are recyclable and available in a variety of options. Choose from glitter tapes, metallic options, colored alternatives, crystal options and even sparkle versions. These tape sets are made using natural fibers like bamboo and hemp.

Made from natural fibers
Soft texture
Available in assorted colors

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
34470402Blue / Gold Sandy (Shrink Wrapped)5/16"7 yd$1.80/PACKAGE of 4 ($0.45/ROLL)0.455/16" X 7YD ASSORTED BLUE/GOLD SANDY WASHI TAPE
341731007SColors (Boxed)9/16"10 yd$10.11/PACKAGE of 10 ($1.01/ROLL)1.019/16" X 10YD ASSORTED COLORS WASHI TAPE
34470501Red / Blue / Gold Sandy (Shrink Wrapped)13/32"7 yd$1.80/PACKAGE of 3 ($0.60/ROLL)0.6013/32" X 7YD ASSORTED COLORS SANDY WASHI TAPE
341710602SSparkle (Boxed)9/16"10 yd$5.10/PACKAGE of 6 ($0.85/ROLL)0.859/16" X 10YD ASSORTED SPARKLE WASHI TAPE

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