Colored Pearlized Raffia Ribbon

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Pearlized colored raffia ribbon is made of a synthetic rayon that looks just like raffia. It has a shiny pearlized finish for a high sheen (click to see our matte colored raffia ribbon). This raffia comes in a 1/4" wide strand that can be pulled apart and expand to 1-1/4" wide. Whether you pull the raffia apart for a wide bow, or keep it as-is for a narrow bow, this raffia makes nice looking bows. It is available in a variety of colors and comes 100 yds. (300 ft.) per spool.

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
4434971Aqua1/4"100 yd$3.90/ROLL3.901/4" AQUA PEARLIZED "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434933Azalea1/4"100 yd$3.90/ROLL3.901/4" AZALEA PEARLIZED "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434920Black1/4"100 yd$3.90/ROLL3.901/4" BLACK PEARLIZED "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434958Bright Gold1/4"100 yd$3.90/ROLL3.901/4" BRIGHT GOLD PEARLIZED "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434932Burgundy1/4"100 yd$3.90/ROLL3.901/4" BURGUNDY PEARLIZED "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434953Champagne1/4"100 yd$3.90/ROLL3.901/4" CHAMPAGNE PEARLIZED "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434955Chocolate1/4"100 yd$3.90/ROLL3.901/4" CHOCOLATE PEARLIZED "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434969Copper1/4"100 yd$3.90/ROLL3.901/4" COPPER PEARLIZED "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434951Daffodil1/4"100 yd$3.90/ROLL3.901/4" DAFFODIL PEARLIZED "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434962Forest Green1/4"100 yd$3.90/ROLL3.901/4" FOREST GREEN PEARLIZED "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434959Gold1/4"100 yd$3.90/ROLL3.901/4" GOLD PEARLIZED "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434965Kelly1/4"100 yd$3.90/ROLL3.901/4" KELLY PEARLIZED "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434900Kraft1/4"100 yd$3.90/ROLL3.901/4" KRAFT PEARLIZED "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434964Lime1/4"100 yd$3.90/ROLL3.901/4" LIME PEARLIZED "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434972Navy1/4"100 yd$3.90/ROLL3.901/4" NAVY PEARLIZED "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434957Oatmeal1/4"100 yd$3.90/ROLL3.901/4" OATMEAL PEARLIZED "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434940Orange1/4"100 yd$3.90/ROLL3.901/4" ORANGE PEARLIZED "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434986Orchid1/4"100 yd$3.90/ROLL3.901/4" ORCHID PEARLIZED "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434979Pastel Blue1/4"100 yd$3.90/ROLL3.901/4" PASTEL BLUE PEARLIZED "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434939Pastel Pink1/4"100 yd$3.90/ROLL3.901/4" PASTEL PINK PEARLIZED "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434999Pewter1/4"100 yd$3.90/ROLL3.901/4" PEWTER PEARLIZED "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434934Pink1/4"100 yd$3.90/ROLL3.901/4" PINK PEARLIZED "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434984Plum1/4"100 yd$3.90/ROLL3.901/4" PLUM PEARLIZED "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434980Purple1/4"100 yd$3.90/ROLL3.901/4" PURPLE PEARLIZED "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434930Red1/4"100 yd$3.90/ROLL3.901/4" RED PEARLIZED "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434973Royal Blue1/4"100 yd$3.90/ROLL3.901/4" ROYAL PEARLIZED "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434998Silver1/4"100 yd$3.90/ROLL3.901/4" SILVER PEARLIZED "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434975Turquoise1/4"100 yd$3.90/ROLL3.901/4" TURQUOISE PEARLIZED "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434910White1/4"100 yd$3.90/ROLL3.901/4" WHITE PEARLIZED "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434950Yellow1/4"100 yd$3.90/ROLL3.901/4" YELLOW PEARLIZED "RAFFIA RIBBON"

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