Colored Matte Raffia Ribbon

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This Colored Matte Raffia Ribbon is 1/4" wide and 100 yards long. It features twisted strands that can be pulled apart to expand its width to 1-1/4". Available in wide variety of exciting colors as shown in the color image list, this ribbon can be used in a variety of ways. You can use it as ties for your wedding and birthday gifts or simply run them along the stairs in your house or party venue.

The ribbon features a beautiful matte finish that gives it a sophisticated look. It's made of high-quality synthetic rayon, which not only gives it durability but also a subtle sheen that's neither too sparkly nor too plain. You can also use the strands to tie it along to your flip flops before you head to the beach. Take your imagination to the next level and try mixing ribbons of different colors.

1/4" wide
100 yards long

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
4434871Aqua1/4"100 yd$5.24/ROLL5.241/4" AQUA MATTE "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434833Azalea1/4"100 yd$5.24/ROLL5.241/4" AZALEA MATTE "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434820Black1/4"100 yd$5.24/ROLL5.241/4" BLACK MATTE "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434832Burgundy1/4"100 yd$5.24/ROLL5.241/4" BURGUNDY MATTE "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434855Chocolate1/4"100 yd$5.24/ROLL5.241/4" CHOCOLATE "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434887Copenhagen Blue1/4"100 yd$5.24/ROLL5.241/4" COPENHAGEN BLUE MATTE "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434838Coral1/4"100 yd$5.24/ROLL5.241/4" CORAL MATTE "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434860Emerald (Matte)1/4"100 yd$5.24/ROLL5.241/4" EMERALD GREEN MATTE "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434859Gold1/4"100 yd$5.24/ROLL5.241/4" GOLD MATTE "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434862Hunter Green1/4"100 yd$5.24/ROLL5.241/4" HUNTER GREEN MATTE "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434800Kraft1/4"100 yd$5.24/ROLL5.241/4" KRAFT MATTE "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434864Lime1/4"100 yd$5.24/ROLL5.241/4" LIME MATTE "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434872Navy1/4"100 yd$5.24/ROLL5.241/4" NAVY MATTE "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434857Oatmeal1/4"100 yd$5.24/ROLL5.241/4" OATMEAL MATTE "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434866Olive1/4"100 yd$5.24/ROLL5.241/4" OLIVE MATTE "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434840Orange1/4"100 yd$5.24/ROLL5.241/4" ORANGE MATTE "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434886Orchid1/4"100 yd$5.24/ROLL5.241/4" ORCHID MATTE "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434879Pastel Blue1/4"100 yd$5.24/ROLL5.241/4" PASTEL BLUE MATTE "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434839Pastel Pink1/4"100 yd$5.24/ROLL5.241/4" PASTEL PINK MATTE "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434884Plum1/4"100 yd$5.24/ROLL5.241/4" PLUM MATTE "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434880Purple1/4"100 yd$5.24/ROLL5.241/4" PURPLE MATTE "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434830Red1/4"100 yd$5.24/ROLL5.241/4" RED MATTE "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434873Royal1/4"100 yd$5.24/ROLL5.241/4" ROYAL BLUE MATTE "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434869Sage1/4"100 yd$5.24/ROLL5.241/4" SAGE MATTE "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434845Terra Cotta1/4"100 yd$5.24/ROLL5.241/4" TERRA COTTA MATTE "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434875Turquoise1/4"100 yd$5.24/ROLL5.241/4" TURQUOISE MATTE "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434810White1/4"100 yd$5.24/ROLL5.241/4" WHITE MATTE "RAFFIA RIBBON"
4434851Yellow1/4"100 yd$5.24/ROLL5.241/4" YELLOW MATTE "RAFFIA RIBBON"

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