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The colored lace ribbon comes with different width and length options. Available in different interesting and intricate patterns, these lace ribbons are great for art and craft. It has a neat scalloped design and fringed edges with a lovely smooth texture. The versatile lace pattern matches well with any fabric if you are going to use it in costume designing. You can use it as border for your dresses or frills. With this ribbon, you could also give your own touch to accessories such as shoes, headbands, bracelet, bags, hat, etc. Brides can use the ribbon to embellish their wedding dress and accessories. This ribbon is available in a variety of colors. Some of the interesting colors in which you can get this ribbon are ivory, off-white, black and taupe. It even goes well with various home décor arrangements. Wrapped on a roll, this ribbon comes handy and is easy to use. Just cut the length that you need from the Roll and then store it back.

Fringed edges

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
58154220Bella (Black)2"25 YDS$11.44/ROLL11.442"(50MM X 25YD BLACK BELLA LACE RIBBON
58154252Bella (Ivory)2"25 YDS$11.44/ROLL11.442"(50MM)X 25YD IVORY BELLA LACE RIBBON
581528452Hilde (Ivory)1"25 YDS$7.50/ROLL7.501"(25MM)X 25YD IVORY HILDE LACE RIBBON
581540352Hillary (Ivory)2 3/4"5 YDS$13.75/ROLL13.752-3/4"(69MM)X 5YD IVORY HILLARY FLORAL LACE RIBBON
58160101Janis (Off White)1 5/8"10 YDS$4.19/ROLL4.191-5/8"(42MM) X 10YD OFF WHITE JANIS LACE RIBBON
58156101Jennie (Ivory)9/16"20 YDS$6.97/ROLL6.979/16"(14MM) X 20YD IVORY JENNIE LACE RIBBON
58162101Jillian (Off White)3 9/16"10 YDS$8.72/ROLL8.723-9/16"(90MM)X 10YD OFF WHITE JILLIAN LACE RIBBON
58158102Jodi (Off White)7/8"20 YDS$5.81/ROLL5.817/8"(22MM) X 20YD OFF WHITE JODI LACE RIBBON
58158101Jonii (Taupe)7/8"20 YDS$5.81/ROLL5.8113/16"(22MM) X 20YD TAUPE JONII LACE RIBBON
5822052Lauren (Ivory)2 1/4"25 YDS$15.26/ROLL15.262-1/4" (57MM)X 25YD IVORY LAUREN LACE RIBBON
5826210Lizzy (Ivory)1"25 YDS$7.50/ROLL7.501"(25MM)X 25YD IVORY LIZZY LACE RIBBON
5826810Lydia (Off White)1 1/2"25 YDS$11.28/ROLL11.281-1/2"(38MM) X 25YD WHITE LYDIA RIBBON

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