Colored Jute Cord

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For a natural, eco friendly, and colorful touch to your packages, mix and match strands of thin jute twine. Available in a variety of widths and colors, jute twine adds the perfect rustic touch to your future craft projects, gifts, or wreaths.

Jute is also known as Burlap Ribbon. It is often made of natural jute fibers coming from the jute plant. And is ideal for conveying that classic, rustic charm. Depending on the thickness of the jute thread, the feel can be sturdy yet soft or rough and rugged.

If you are looking for sturdy yet soft, use 3 ply jute twine that is 2mm thick.

If you are looking for rough and rugged, use 2 ply jute twine that is 1.5mm thick.

Add a unique textural element to your gift and layer with different fabrics. When paired with the right fabric or package, jute twine can deliver stylish looks that range from adorable shabby chic to high end and luxurious.

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
4824006Brown1.5 mm100 yd$6.48/ROLL6.481.5MM X 100YD BROWN JUTE TWINE
4824010Burgundy1.5 mm100 yd$6.48/ROLL6.481.5MM X 100YD BURGUNDY JUTE TWINE
4826134Hot Pink3 mm25 yd$4.97/ROLL4.973MM X 25YD HOT PINK 3 PLY JUTE CORD
4824019Hunter Green1.5 mm100 yd$6.48/ROLL6.481.5MM X 100YD HUNTER GREEN JUTE TWINE
4824017Moss Green1.5 mm100 yd$6.48/ROLL6.481.5MM X 100YD MOSS GREEN JUTE TWINE
4824002Natural1.5 mm100 yd$6.48/ROLL6.481.5MM X 100YD NATURAL JUTE TWINE
4826100Natural3 mm25 yd$4.97/ROLL4.973MM X 25YD NATURAL 3 PLY JUTE CORD
4824022Navy1.5 mm100 yd$6.48/ROLL6.481.5MM X 100YD NAVY JUTE TWINE
4824033Orange1.5 mm100 yd$6.48/ROLL6.481.5MM X 100YD ORANGE JUTE TWINE
4826140Orange3 mm25 yd$4.97/ROLL4.973MM X 25YD ORANGE 3 PLY JUTE CORD
4826180Purple3 mm25 yd$4.23/ROLL4.233MM X 25YD PURPLE 3 PLY JUTE CORD
4824012Red1.5 mm100 yd$6.48/ROLL6.481.5MM X 100YD RED JUTE TWINE
4824081Sable1.5 mm100 yd$6.48/ROLL6.481.5MM X 100YD SABLE JUTE TWINE
4824001White1.5 mm100 yd$6.48/ROLL6.481.5MM X 100YD WHITE JUTE TWINE
4826150Yellow3 mm25 yd$4.97/ROLL4.973MM X 25YD YELLOW 3 PLY JUTE CORD

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