Colored Feather Puffs

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The Colored Feather Puffs have a diameter of 2 inches. These puffs are super light and are really smooth to touch. These puffs are one of a kind and are actually a very creative idea to decorate your gifts and put them to use for your creative art and craft projects. For the ones, who want to try something different for making their gifts stand out from the rest, they can choose from the different cheerful colors to make up different accessories. The puffs are assembled and can thus be used for making headbands, wedding accents, gift wrap embellishments, hair clips, and a lot more. This is because they are super easy to stick and remove having a peel and stick adhesive tab. You can even combine more than 2 feathers puffs or bend one for a thicker look. You can also use the puffs in combination with satin puffs for crafts, gift packaging, and décor. The feather puffs are made of real feathers.

2 inches diameter
Adhesive tab

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
4600126Black2"$24.18/PACKAGE of 50 ($0.48/EACH)0.48BLACK FEATHER BOA STICKY TAB
4600119Citrus2"$24.18/PACKAGE of 50 ($0.48/EACH)0.48CITRUS FEATHER BOA STICKY TAB
4600141Fuchsia2"$24.18/PACKAGE of 50 ($0.48/EACH)0.48FUCHSIA FEATHER BOA STICKY TAB
4600102Pink2"$24.18/PACKAGE of 50 ($0.48/EACH)0.48PINK FEATHER BOA STICKY TAB
4600113Red2"$24.18/PACKAGE of 50 ($0.48/EACH)0.48RED FEATHER BOA STICKY TAB
4600175Turquoise2"$24.18/PACKAGE of 50 ($0.48/EACH)0.48TURQUOISE FEATHER BOA STICKY TAB
4600101White2"$24.18/PACKAGE of 50 ($0.48/EACH)0.48WHITE FEATHER BOA STICKY TAB
4600183Wisteria2"$24.18/PACKAGE of 50 ($0.48/EACH)0.48WISTERIA FEATHER BOA STICKY TAB

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