4" Christmas Pattern Butterfly Bows

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The 4 inch Christmas Pattern Butterfly Bows are 4 inch in size and are made using a single faced ribbon. These single-faced bows exhibit the vibrancy of the Christmas season with the use of red and green colors to create an attractive plaid pattern. The classic vibe associated with these decorative bows further enhance their charm and make them perfect for use in decoration. These pull bows are designed to turn in to beautiful butterfly bows when the two small ribbons in it are pulled which can then be used to attach the bow to any surface you want. These printed bows can be innovatively used as decorative accents on gift packages or goodie baskets to enhance their charm. These wrapping bows can also be used to create beautiful wreaths, wall decorative items and flower bouquets. These plaid patterned bows feature a lasting profile that does not get damaged easily and a radiant finish on its surface highlights the beauty of the design.

Single faced
4 inch wide
Christmas plaid pattern
Butterfly shape pull bows

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
44298433Christmas Plaid4"$16.13/PACKAGE of 50 ($0.32/EACH)0.324" CHRISTMAS PLAID PRINTED BUTTERFLY BOW

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