3" Chickaree Butterfly Decor

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The 3" Chickaree Butterfly Décor is a 3-inch wide decorative ribbon. The wings are detailed with an intricate texture to depict the stripes and dotted patterns of butterfly wings in a life-like manner. The vibrant color scheme of these decorative butterflies make them a catchy decorative. These motifs have been cut-out beautifully to ensure that the shape of a butterfly is created with precision and the edges are smooth and neatly detailed. An easily bendable wire is attached to these butterflies so you can hang them. These decorative butterflies can be used in flower arrangements, with goodie bags, for designing a wall and in various other DIY projects. You can also use these butterflies to showcase their natural habitat as part of a science project. These butterflies are available in red, blue, green, yellow, purple and orange color options so that you can create a multi-hued arrangement by using them together. These motifs come in a pack of 12 containing 2 butterflies of each color.

3" size
Includes attached wire
Available in 6 colors

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