Castile Gold Trim Organza Ribbon

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The Castile Gold Trim Organza Ribbon is 1-1/2 inch wide and 20 yards long. The organza ribbon has a Castile edge and adds glamour to any gift or decoration. It is translucent because of the sheer fabric it is made of, but has a crisp texture that is accentuated by the gold trim edge. Create pretty loops, conceal your floral tapes, and cover your gifts and wedding favors and do a lot more stuff with this versatile and classic organza ribbon. This ribbon can be used to decorate floral arrangements, create bows for baskets, or as appliques on your outfits and evening gowns. This organza ribbon is made of 96% nylon and 4% polyester.

1-1/2 inches wide
20 yards long
Castile edged ribbon
96% nylon and 4% polyester

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
57052670Blue1 1/2"20 yd$3.92/ROLL3.921-1/2" X 20YD BLUE CASTILE EDGED ORGANZA RIBBON
57052662Emerald1 1/2"20 yd$3.92/ROLL3.921-1/2" X 20YD EMERALD CASTILE EDGED ORGANZA RIBBON
57052634Hot Pink1 1/2"20 yd$3.92/ROLL3.921-1/2" X 20YD HOT PINK CASTILE EDGED ORGANZA RBN
57052667Lime1 1/2"20 yd$3.92/ROLL3.921-1/2" X 20YD LIME CASTILE EDGED ORGANZA RIBBON
57052637Pink1 1/2"20 yd$3.92/ROLL3.921-1/2" X 20YD PINK CASTILE EDGED ORGANZA RIBBON
57052680Purple1 1/2"20 yd$3.92/ROLL3.921-1/2" X 20YD PURPLE CASTILE EDGED ORGANZA RIBBON
57052610White1 1/2"20 yd$3.92/ROLL3.921-1/2" X 20YD WHITE CASTILE EDGED ORGANZA RIBBON

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