Candy Colored Iridescent Organza Ribbon

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The Candy Colored Iridescent Organza Ribbon is 1-1/2 inches wide and 25 yards long. The ribbon comes in a roll and can be cut to various lengths as per the requirement. This ribbon stands out for its shiny and iridescent feel lifting up any decoration, be it gifts, art projects or anything else. You can not only use this ribbon to wrap up gifts but also to make bow or any other decorating item. The availability of these ribbons in different candy hues make them extremely versatile. The candy colors perk up the overall vibe and mood of the surroundings. It shows different luminous colors when seen from different angles offering a dazzling touch to your table decoration, flower bouquets, invitation cards, greeting cards and more. The reinforced edges only add an element of elegance presenting an interesting contrast with the thin and semi-transparent ribbon. It has a shinier surface than the usual sheer ribbons. You can wrap your Christmas tree, wedding or birthday cake with this brilliant looking ribbon. Personalize and accessorize your outfits and jewelry pieces with this shiny and dazzling organza ribbon or beautify your French braid for a charming look.

1-1/2 inches wide
25 yards long

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
4853713Blue/Lightblue1 1/2"25 yd$9.15/ROLL9.151-1/2" X 25YD BLUE/LIGHT BLUE IRIDESCENT ORGNZ RBN
4853711Fuchsia/Plum1 1/2"25 yd$9.15/ROLL9.151-1/2" X 25YD FUCHSIA/PLUM IRIDESCENT ORGNZ RIBBON
4853717Golden/Blue1 1/2"25 yd$9.15/ROLL9.151-1/2" X 25YD GOLDEN/BLUE IRIDESCENT ORGNZ RIBBON
4853715Golden/Fuchsia1 1/2"25 yd$9.15/ROLL9.151-1/2" X 25YD GOLDEN/FUCHSIA IRIDESCENT ORGNZ RIBN
4853706Golden/Lime1 1/2"25 yd$9.15/ROLL9.151-1/2" X 25YD GOLDEN/LIME IRIDESCENT ORG RIBBON
4853707Golden/Tangerine1 1/2"25 yd$9.15/ROLL9.151-1/2" X 25YD GOLDEN/TANGERINE IRDST ORGNZ RIBBON
4853714Pink/Lightblue1 1/2"25 yd$9.15/ROLL9.151-1/2" X 25YD PINK/LIGHT BLUE IRIDESCENT ORGNZ RBN

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