Burlap Soft Braid Cord

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The Burlap Soft Braid Cord contrasts natural burlap fibers with or without a metallic strip woven in the middle of the cord. The effect gives a festive feel like tinsel on a Christmas tree. The looser braid provides this cord with a softer feel which also makes it easy to handle for your projects. Use it to wrap around plant jars (as shown), wreath accents, and more.

If you have a bit of glue, go around an old paint can while attaching the cord in a spiral form. To finish this off, tie a double-sided knot. Let the glue dry, and you have a lovely planter or pencil holder. This should go well indoors to make it feel warm and cozy.

Instead of a ribbon use this cord for embellishing gift wraps. It gives a nice rustic feel, and the metallic strip offers an element of celebration.

You can also play around with various nautical knots for decoration in your home. Make elaborate knots like the eternal knot, Josephine knot, camping knots and more. Then put the finished product on a pillow, centerpiece and accent chair. Get a chalkboard backdrop and glue your name in cursive for a very personal touch. Just like the planter, try wrapping a lampshade using this cord. It will breath new life to any piece of furniture.

This cord can be very versatile and will look great in your homemade project. Made of 100% jute.

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
56008704Natural / Copper Metallic8 mm10 yd$2.37/ROLL2.378MM X10YD NTRL/COPPER MTLLC/BURLAP SOFT BRAID CORD
56008705Natural / Gold Metallic8 mm10 yd$2.37/ROLL2.378MM X 10YD NTRL/GLD MTLLC/BURLAP SOFT BRAID CORD
56008706Natural / Green Metallic8 mm10 yd$2.37/ROLL2.378MM X 10YD NTRL/GRN MTLLC/BURLAP SOFT BRAID CORD
56008702Natural / Red Metallic8 mm10 yd$2.37/ROLL2.378MM X 10YD NTRL/RED MTLLC/BURLAP SOFT BRAID CORD
56008703Natural / Silver Metallic8 mm10 yd$2.37/ROLL2.378MM X 10YD NTRL/SLVR MTLLC/BURLAP SOFT BRAID CORD

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