Brown Twisted Paper Cord

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The Brown Twisted Paper Cord is 1/8 inches wide and 1500 feet long. This is a 100% bio-degradable paper cord that possesses a good tensile strength. It is made using recycled brown craft paper tightly twisted to create an appealing look. This twisted paper cord comes wrapped in a coil for usage convenience. It is not only ideal for wrapping gifts for various occasions but also a great way of embellishing handmade greeting cards, scrapbook pages and jewelry making projects. As this is made of paper, you can either paste it using glue or cut it using a pair of scissors. You can cut out the length you require and then store back the rest. It can also be used for binding the plants as it easily dissolves with time and does not cause any harm to the plants. You can even wrap your organic products with this cord. It has simply no limits in the art craft projects as you can use it for origami, creating decorative items, small corded bowls and many such things. Apart from this, you can use it to elaborate your photo frames and pictures. Stack your confetti and bows tying them together. The twisted cord is made of recycled brown kraft paper.

1/8 inches width
1500 feet length

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
447000Brown1/8"600 ft.$6.94/ROLL6.94#2 600' BROWN TWISTED PAPER CORD
446900Brown1/8"1500 ft.$16.98/ROLL16.985# 1500' BROWN TWISTED PAPER CORD

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