Bright Striped Metallic Ribbon

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The Bright Stripe Metallic Ribbon makes a huge impact for such a small ribbon. Its metallic stripes grab attention with its lustrous appearance. Easily shape it into bows, tie it into knots, and twist it into curls with its wired edges. Its petite size makes it proportionate for small or jewel-sized gift packages. Tie up goody bags to keep contents secure while adding sparkle.

Small gifts sometimes are more special than big bulky presents. They can mark momentous occasions which you would want to treasure for a long time. With this ribbon, jewel box-sized gifts become much more memorable.

Top a kraft jewel box with a rosette style bow to make things exciting. To do get started, wrap the ribbon around your four fingers about ten times. You can add more volume to the bow by doing more wraps. Cut the ribbon from the roll. Hold the ribbon in the middle of your fingers, and slip your fingers away. With a piece of string, tie the center of the ribbon, so it is secure. Fan out the ribbon to create the rosette shape. Finally, tape it to the top of your present.

For goody bags, it would be amazing to do a traditional bunny ears style bow. This is similar to how you tie shoelaces. It certainly keeps the design simple yet classic. For added flair, take a pencil or pen and wrap the ends of the ribbon to create gorgeous curls.

This ribbon can give your present or favor bag a touch of elegance and romance to make a beautiful design. Made of 69% polyester and 31% metallic.

ItemCode PatternColor Width Length Depth Weight Thickness Gusset Diameter Tested PriceString Price Item Description Type
56006407Black / Silver3/8"10 yd$2.10/ROLL2.103/8" X 10YD BLACK/SILVER BRIGHT STRIPE MTLLC RBN
56006402Green / Red3/8"10 yd$2.10/ROLL2.103/8" X 10YD GREEN/RED BRIGHT STRIPE METALLIC RBN
56006405Mardi Gras3/8"10 yd$2.10/ROLL2.103/8" X 10YD MARDI GRAS BRIGHT STRIPE METALLIC RBN
56006404Red / Silver3/8"10 yd$2.10/ROLL2.103/8" X 10YD RED/SILVER BRIGHT STRIPE METALLIC RBN

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