Valentine’s Day Wreaths That’ll Make You Say “Be Mine”

Share the love with a Valentine’s Day wreath for your home or office.

Valentine's Day Wreath

If you’re looking to add a vibrant, seasonal touch to your front door as the temperatures drop, consider crafting a Valentine’s Day wreath! Whether you go for a circular, heart-shaped, or more unconventional design, these crafts will brighten up those snowy February days. Read on for our tips on making festive Valentine’s Day wreaths that’ll be the envy of all your neighbors.


Easy DIY Tulle Valentine’s Day Wreath

Inspired by Craftionary:

Valentine's Day Wreath

You’ll Need:

  • Styrofoam wreath: 12” to 14” would be ideal, but pick a size that works for you. Circular or heart-shaped wreaths work well for this project.
  • Two rolls of tulle in the colors of your choice — red and pink is always a classic combination.
  • Scissors
  • A 13” box edge flap (or something similar) to prepare the tulle.


How To Make Your Tulle Wreath

  1. First, create your tulle strips. For this design, you’ll need several 13” strips of tulle. Rather than measuring and cutting each individual piece of tulle, we’ve figured out a handy shortcut: the box flap. Wrap the tulle around the flap and secure it using an office clip or clothespin. Cut the tulle along each edge of the box flap, and there! You’ve got all the 13” tulle strips you need.
  2. Next, tie, tie, then tie some more! Tie two strips of red tulle around the wreath and double knot them. Then, take two strips of pink and do it again. Repeat this pattern all the way around the wreath. Make sure you tie the strips close enough together that the foam underneath doesn’t show.
  3. Finally, fluff and finish! Once the foam is covered, fluff the edges of the tulle until they’re full and even. Then, add accents – we love cute rhinestones or trim. To hang the wreath, finish it with a red and white polka dot ribbon!


More  DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath Inspiration

While a tulle Valentine’s Day wreath is certainly showstopping, we have a few more favorites we just can’t keep to ourselves. Check them out!

Inspired by

Valentine's Day Wreath

This deco mesh wreath is a stunner! Weave layers of red deco mesh into a circular wire frame, accent with your favorite red-and-white ribbon, and hang on your front door to spread that festive Valentine’s Day spirit.


Inspired by ArchitectureArtDesign:

Valentine's Day Wreath

We’ve had a lot of curious crafters ask us how to make a heart-shaped, burlap wreath. It’s easy! Simply wrap and bunch layers of wide burlap around heart-shaped styrofoam, twist on a few rosettes, and hang with a contrasting burlap ribbon (maybe a signature Valentine’s Day red)?


Inspired by Craftionary:

Valentine's Day Wreath

A wreath full of ribbons? Yeah, that makes us happy. This project may be time-consuming, but the “wow” factor of the finished presentation makes it a labor of love! All you need is a 10” foam wreath, plenty of pins, and your favorite Valentine’s Day-themed ribbons. Once you’ve selected your print, simply fold and pin ribbons onto the wreath in whatever pattern you like.


Hopefully these ideas have your creative juices flowing. Raid your craft closet, get to pinning, and spread some Valentine’s Day spirit!



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