‘Tis the Season For Holiday Crafts for Kids

Celebrate the Christmas season with fun holiday crafts that kids will love.

holiday crafts

Kids love Christmas, and kids love crafts! Put them together and you’ve got a winning way to add some DIY holiday cheer to your home. Your kids will have a blast hanging their homemade ornaments on the tree, decking the halls with their festive creations, and passing out their adorable handcrafted gifts to family and friends. Get the whole family in on the holiday decorating with these fun and easy holiday crafts.


1) Mini Snow Globes

Great for brightening up a mantle or giving away as a sweet handmade gift, a mini snow globe is a magical holiday craft idea for kids. Trace the top of a clear plastic shot glass — found at most craft or dollar stores — onto thick, sturdy card stock. With pinking shears, cut a slightly larger circle around the traced line.

Glue a small plastic figurine — maybe your child’s favorite holiday character or a plastic fir tree — to the center of the card stock. Add one tablespoon of Epsom salts to the glass, glue the card stock base to the rim, and flip over.

Once the glue is completely dry, add a pipe cleaner around the base of the glass to cover the seam. Thread a button with festive grosgrain ribbon or baker’s twine for a hook, and glue the button to the bottom (now top) of the cup.


2) Easy Advent Calendarholiday crafts

Here’s a sweet and festive way to help your kids count down to Christmas. Cut decorative scrapbook paper into 24 uniform rectangles (4” x 7” works well). Roll each rectangle into a cylinder and seal the seam with coordinating colors of holiday washi tape. Then flatten one end of the cylinder to form a pocket and seal it with washi tape as well.

Fill up the pocket with a fun treat like a small toy or candy, then flatten the other end and seal it with the washi tape. Using a circle punch, cut out paper circles from a separate piece of paper, label them 1 through 24, and glue them onto the pockets. Display in a basket and let the kids enjoy picking a new treat every morning until Christmas!


3) Tabletop Tree

Take those old magazines you’ve been meaning to recycle, and repurpose them into decorative Christmas trees. All it takes is a few simple folds and a bit of glue.

Fold each page of the magazine three times — twice diagonally towards the center, and then tuck the leftover bottom corner up so that it’s even with the bottom of the magazine. Once you’ve folded all the pages, fan them out to form the shape of a tree and glue the front and back covers together to hold in place. Embellish with a garland of soft ball trim and add a fun topper like a gold ball or a feather puff.


4) Ribbon and Button TreesHoliday Crafts

These DIY trees — made only of ribbon, buttons, and a polystyrene cone — are great for decorating your home or giving away as gifts to friends and family! Let the kids choose their favorite ribbon — either a solid color like gold, a fun holiday print like candy cane stripes, or a snowy wintry snowflake ribbon. Glue the edge of the ribbon around the base of the cone to secure it. Continue wrapping all the way around the cone until you reach the top, and secure in place with glue. Let the kids pick out a colorful selection of buttons to use as ornaments, and your trees are done!


5) Festive Wreaths

Parents and kids can work together on this fun clothespin wreath. You’ll need wooden clothespins and the inner metal rings of embroidery hoops in various sizes — because you’re going to want more than just one of these!

Apply strips of solid or patterned washi tape to the clothespins and trim the edges. Try these holiday patterns if you’re looking for ideas! Clip the clothespins onto the embroidery rings and hang with jute cord or a pretty holiday ribbon.

These holiday crafts should give you and your kids a good start to the Christmas crafting season. So crank up those holiday tunes, heat up the hot cocoa, and get crafting!


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