How to Tie a Ribbon Around a Box

tie ribbon

Brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of our favorite things — but we like them even more when they’re bound up with creatively decorated Tiffany bows!

Even the simplest package can be transformed into a gorgeous gift with just a length of ribbon tied around the box. Whether your gift is a tiny box with an even tinier bow, or a stack of color-coordinated packages all tied together with matching ribbon, our step-by-step instructions will help you elevate your gift packaging from drab to fab.


The Tiffany-Inspired Bow

Learned how to do the Official Tiffany bow today at work! #tiffanybow

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Nothing feels more classic than a Tiffany bow. Fortunately, this beautiful bow is easy to tie and looks great on any box, not just a robin’s egg blue one. Here’s how to get the look:

  1. Cut a length of white satin ribbon to five times the length of the longest side of your box.
  2. Lay your ribbon down vertically, then place the box in the center, right side up.
  3. Bring the ends of the ribbon up so you have one end in each hand, then lay them down across the top so the end that was pointing up is now pointing down, and vice versa.
  4. With your thumb holding both ribbons, take the ribbon end pointing up and pull it over the ribbon end pointing down and around the box. You should now have ribbon lengths covering all four sides.
  5. Tuck the same end of ribbon you just used underneath the ribbon you’re holding with your thumb, forming a U-shaped hook. The ribbon ends should point diagonally away from the center.
  6. Center, tighten the ribbon, then tie a bow the way you’d tie your shoes.

Blue boxes with white ribbon work, obviously. But try wrapping the box in newsprint or sheet music and using red ribbon with a natural raffia accent for the bow!

tie ribbon


Pair a wide satin, dark mocha ribbon with a soft brown box, and embellish with a few wire floral sprays or glittery wired tie, and you’ve got a knockout gift.

tie ribbon


For a festive, layered look, simply wrap various coordinating Christmas ribbons around the box multiple times and finish off with a simple bow. Then tuck in a few sprigs of cedar or hot glue some pine cones to the box, and you have a Christmas gift that doubles as holiday décor.

tie ribbon


If your gift comes in multiple parts, package it in a few color-coordinated boxes and present it in a stunning display. Instead of individually tying a ribbon around each box, just stack them on top of one another and tie the whole thing up in a bow!

tie ribbon

With gorgeous high-quality bows and ribbons, your holiday packaging will look just as fabulous as the gifts themselves. Take a look at our selection and get wrapping!


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