Say I Do to One-of-a-Kind Ribbon-Infused Wedding Bouquets

Whether you are planning a June, September or winter wedding, nothing ties a bridal theme together like your choice of bouquet. Like your dress, location and choice of venue, bouquets are one of the elements that help to truly personalize your wedding, allowing you to display your unique style and personality. Available in a broad range of fabrics, textures, colors and prices, ribbons are the among the most versatile decorative accents for customizing bridal bouquets for weddings of every size and budget.

Ribbons Bouquet

Wedding Bouquet Ideas According to the Type of Bride You Are

There are practically as many ways to wrap a bouquet with ribbons as there are types of flowers. Whether you decide to go with a classic bouquet of roses or something more off the beaten path, ribbons and trim can make your arrangement truly pop without going overboard or adding additional costs to your floral budget. A great way to find a style that works for you is to use ribbons that most closely match your personal style and the particular cut and inspiration for your dress.

Classic Bride

Like personal fashion, bridal themes and gowns are very personal, and classic can mean something different to every bride. If Martha Stewart Weddings is your idea of everything that is right and good about the wedding industry, you may very well be the epitome of a classical/traditional bride! Once you have chosen your color scheme, flowers for your bouquet and a pattern that fits your aesthetic, choose a set of ribbons and accents that will match your motif.


Ribbon Bride BouquetRomantic Bride

Like the classic style, a romantic bridal style may consist of traditional elements like vibrant red roses and pearl-accented jewelry. Richer fabrics like velvet can add an extra touch of decadence and romance to your bouquet without overdoing it.


Vintage Bride

The beauty of choosing a vintage look for your wedding (and wardrobe in general!) is that there are really no limits in terms of style, depending on your favorite era. A vintage wedding can incorporate elements from multiple time periods, design trends and fabrics. Choose a floral arrangement that highlights the uniqueness of your dress, and then add ribbons that will work with your chosen theme. If your dress is on the understated side, the ribbons can add elements of nostalgia and wistfulness to your chosen time period and bring it to life with a modern twist.


Boho Bride

If you are a Bohemian bride, you probably describe yourself as free-spirited and unconventional, and you probably designed a wedding that is one of a kind and truly in touch with your values and individual sense of style. A boho bouquet offers a lot of freedom to get creative with color, textures and fabrics.


Whether you are a traditional bride or your tastes lean toward Bohemian, visit our wide selection of ribbons and craft accessories to make your special day as stylish and unique as you are!


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