How To Make Ribbon Bows for Any Occasion

Have you ever wondered why ribbons come in so many styles and patterns? The answer is simple: because there’s so much you can do with them! Ribbons are incredibly versatile and easy to use, letting you create everything from birthday bows to chic hat embellishments. is the ultimate place to shop for ribbons. From white lace ribbon and crimped curling ribbon to printed wedding ribbon and metallic arabesque ribbon, the options are nearly endless. So, what are just some of the occasions you can use ribbons? Let’s explore:

When You’re Decorating Throw Pillows

Sometimes pillows are just pillows. They are super comfy on the couch, but they’re not the most stylish thing going. That’s why you need to add a little pizzazz with medium- to heavy-gauge ribbon that can withstand the pillow plumping and pillow fights. The following ribbons might be ideal for you:

Ribbon Bows

When You’re Beautifying Your Centerpiece Display

Tables just aren’t tables without a fantastic centerpiece. Now, if you have the centerpiece complete but something still doesn’t look right, you might find the answer at Here are some great options to add flair to any centerpiece:

When You’re Decorating for a Wedding

If wedding bells are just around the corner and you’re still working on last-minute decorations, you’ll find plenty of ribbons for all of those romantic details. Here are some great options:


When You’re Hosting a Birthday Party

Birthdays are the best time to let loose, whether you’re working on a designated theme or a wild and crazy “anything-goes” idea. Check out the following styles:


When You’re Designing a Fourth of July Bash

If the Fourth of July is your favorite holiday, you’ll be eager to show off your patriotic pride. And what better way than with some stars and stripes ribbon? You just might see stars of your own with these great options:

When You Need Something Christmas-y

That festive time of year needs all of the classic colors you can find. To start decking the halls, consider the following:


When You Want Something That Sparkles

You want a little bit of glitter, a little bit of glam. Whether it’s for a bachelorette party for your BFF or your own graduation celebration, sometimes you just need to let down your hair. Here are some great sparkly ribbons:

When You Need Something Boo-tiful for Halloween

Time to bring out your All Hallows’ Eve décor and give the kiddies a scare to remember. Scariest house on the block? You’ve got it covered. Here are some great ribbons in classic Halloween colors:

How to Make Some Basic Ribbon Bows

You have some ribbons in mind, and you’re ready to create unique bows that make your friends jealous. “How did you do it?” they’ll ask. You’ll just smile. Whether you give away your secrets is up to you!


For a Wedding Reception

Start with one of the romantic ribbon styles, such as 7/8″ gold edge satin ribbon. Make a loop about 3 inches from the end of the ribbon, and twist and pinch it in place. Continue making loops one after another until you reach the other end of the ribbon length. Pinch each one in place with your other fingers. Then, tie another piece of ribbon around the center of the bow to secure, and fluff up the loops for fullness. You can add these bows to champagne flute stems, centerpieces, the backs of chairs and even name cards, provided they have a bottom base for support.

For Your Graduation Celebration

You made it through law school. Congratulations! To create a fun layered bow you can wear as a bow tie, start with either the chevron mesh ribbon or classic swirls sheer ribbon. Cut a length of about 4 inches. Then, cut 3.5 inches of a ribbon like Zoey satin/sheer ribbon and place it on top. Cut 3 inches of another type of ribbon, such as hobnail edge satin ribbon and place it on top of the other two. The idea is to place the thickest ribbon on the bottom and the thinnest on top. Use another piece of ribbon, tie a knot in the center and secure the tail. You can notch the ends in a V-shape, a round shape or even a fluted shape.

Ribbons: simple, elegant, easy to use. Featuring everything from bold solid patterns to colorful festive prints, the collection at is ready to spice up your day.


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