The Perfect No Sew Patriotic Bunting

Now is the perfect time to dream about hosting, having people over, and start decorating for your festive summer celebrations. One of our favorite outdoorsy (or indoorsy)-BBQ-all-day holidays is the 4th of July! We love the fireworks, grill, and all around feeling of togetherness, that summer holidays bring. We also love decorating for it! Join us as we create a super quick and easy to make, gorgeous, patriotic bunting.


No-sew party decorations like this banner are perfect for outdoor or indoor events. Personally, we love a beautifully cool evening breeze after a hot summer day, so we’ll be hanging our banners outside (probably next to the grill) – but that’s just us! Feel free to embellish your stairwell, mantlepiece, or even your door frames with it. It’s fun, festive, and a super forgiving DIY, able to be customized and adjusted to fit your needs. Let’s get started!

The Perfect No Sew Patriotic Bunting

Just so you know, if you’re looking for the perfect patriotic ribbon for this bunting, look no further than! We have American flag patterned ribbon, stars, stripes, and even solid colored blue and red ribbon.


Here’s How You Create Your Beautiful Party Decoration

Step 1: Measure out the length of bunting you want and trim your twine. For a looser drape, we recommend taking the length of your twine and adding 5 ft. to it. We like to loosely drape and hang our bunting on our porch to achieve a rustic, Americana style so we took the length of our porch and added 5 ft. to it. Trust us, it’s better to have too much slack than none at all.

Step 2: Trim 4” pieces of your patriotic ribbon. To achieve a uniform, triangle-shape to your bunting pieces, trim each end with a triangle-shape point. An easy way to do this is folding your ribbon lengthwise and trim at a 45-degree angle.

Step 3: Now, what you should have is a ribbon with two pointed edges. Fold this ribbon over (so the printed flag pattern is showing) and glue the triangle tips together.

Note: Mind your flag orientation! Make sure the union (stars) is displayed uppermost, to the flag’s own right (observer’s left). We prefer gluing the ribbon tips together versus the entire body so we have more control over ribbon positioning when the bunting is hung.

Step 4: Make as many of these beautiful ribbons as you want, then string them onto your twine and hang.

Storing And Saving Your Bunting

We love this DIY not just because it’s super easy to make, but because it has an eco-friendly component, it’s reusable! Easily store and save your bunting for upcoming years and patriotic celebrations by wrapping it around a flat, wide piece of cardboard. As you wrap your bunting, make sure the ribbons lie flat against your cardboard spool. This ensures your bunting pieces will stay preserved, wrinkle-free, and ready for next year!

Love this bunting? Looking to make your own? Do it! The great thing about this banner DIY is that it can be easily customized with any ribbon you like. Another great option is grosgrain ribbon, or even a quirky bow banner! We are always so inspired by you and your creativity. Share and send us your party supplies DIYs! For now, stay tuned for more easy DIY ideas and How-Tos.


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