No-Carve Pumpkin 101: 4 Ribbon-Wrapped Pumpkins for Halloween


Pretty pumpkins with no fuss and no muss. Skip the carving and messy clean-up this year — give your pumpkin personality with decorative and stylish ribbons.

Carving a jack-o-lantern with the family always seems like a good idea at the time. But it often ends with the kids getting bored and mom or dad left doing all the work…and all the clean-up.

Our solution? Ribbons, of course! Ribbons are a simple and chic way to dress up a pumpkin without the mess of carving. Read on for a few of our favorite no-carve ways to decorate pumpkins for Halloween.

1) Go Goth

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This pumpkin idea is even easier than the last! Simply wrap a black mesh ribbon or tulle around a darkly painted pumpkin and tie it off with a black bow. For added effect, drape a black leafy garland around the pumpkin, or add some spiky studded ribbon, for the perfect goth-inspired Halloween pumpkin.


2) Lots and Lots of Polka Dots

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Who doesn’t love polka dots? Grab your chosen pumpkin, an assortment of Halloween polka dot ribbon, and a few thinner grosgrain ribbons, and go crazy. Vary the ribbon width and polka dot sizes for a fun and festive design. Top off the pumpkin with a fun feather puff.


3) Masked Men Trio

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For an adorable no-carve take on the jack-o-lantern, select three pumpkins in various sizes and give them Zorro-style masks. Design and cut out the masks from felt, making sure to leave room for the googly eyes you’ll glue on later. Then decorate the masks with colorful yarn or fun ric rac trim. Glue on the eyes and masks, and watch your trick-or-treaters’ faces light up when they see your beastly bandits.


4) A Bowl of Mini Pumpkins

Why decorate just one pumpkin when you can have an entire bowl of them?! Select six to eight small pumpkins of varying colors to fill up a rustic wooden serving bowl. Choose several patterned ribbons within the same color scheme (like orange, white, and black). Then simply tie or hot glue the ribbons around your mini pumpkins and arrange them inside the bowl for a beautiful centerpiece or coffee table display.

Now that you have a little pumpkin inspiration, it’s time to get decorating! Bring a new twist to your Halloween décor this year with fun ribbons and trim.


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