How to Make Handmade Valentine’s Day Cards with Ribbon

Wondering how to make a handmade card? Here, we’re using ribbons and bows to create a sweet handmade card this Valentine’s Day. Check it out!

Valentine's Day

Funny, mushy, corny, or sweet — no matter what style you’re going for, a personalized Valentine’s Day card is a wonderful way to show that special person in your life how much you care. So ditch the mass-produced, generic cards this year, and send a unique and heartfelt note with a creative touch (and a few ribbon flourishes) instead.

Keep reading for some of the best card making ideas, all made possible with ribbon!

Ribbon Bows

Inspired by I’m in Haven blog:

Valentine's Day

With a basic bow, you can transform plain cardstock into a personalized Valentine’s Day gift. Here’s how to make this handmade card. Simply wrap red grosgrain ribbon around white cardstock and tie a classic bow, then hot glue the ribbon in place so it doesn’t slip. For an added touch, use a heart-shaped hole punch to create your own cut-out design along the bottom. Glue the cardstock onto a red card, write your heartfelt message on the front, and voila! You’ve got a beautiful, homemade card that your special someone will love.

Weave of Love

Inspired by Delish:

Valentine's Day

For another homemade creation, try weaving ribbon into your card. Use Valentine’s Day-themed scrapbook paper and a stylish, scalloped ribbon to make this elegant gift. Start by folding your scrapbook paper in half and cutting evenly-spaced slits into the front. Gently weave the ribbon through the slits. Then, make one final slit on the back fold of the paper along the open side. Insert the end of the ribbon that is inside the card, and tie the ends together to secure the ribbon. Keep the card simple, or embellish it with stamps and jewels. The possibilities are endless!

Use Your Ribbon Scraps

Inspired by Simplicity Blog:

Valentine's Day

No need to buy new supplies for your Valentine’s Day gift — just collect your ribbon scraps and pick out your favorite colors for this cut-out heart design.  Here’s how to make it, first, cut the shape of a heart out of a piece of white cardstock, then layer colored ribbon into a pattern of your choice to fill the empty space. Affix your ribbon to the back of the cardstock, then glue your creation onto a blank white or red card. Add embellishments such as jewels or pre-tied bows along with a personal message to complete your masterpiece.

S-Clip It

Inspired by Splitcoast Stampers:

Valentine's Day

If you want to think outside the bow, an S-Clip can add dimension and shimmer to your card. Start by gluing your favorite patterned scrapbook paper to the front of a solid colored card. Wrap a sheer organza ribbon around the front, then cut double the length. Tie the ends together to form a circle. With the tied knot hidden inside the card, fold the looped ends of the ribbon onto the front of the card and slide the S-Clip into the loops.

Decorating cards with ribbon is a creative way to customize your Valentine’s Day cards. But if the crafts above are a bit too labor-intensive for your taste, we have a shortcut: our satin ribbon stretch loops are perfect for “semi-handmade” cards that make a statement!


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