How to Make a Gift Bow Out of Ribbon

Feeling creative? Skip the pre-made gift bow and create professional-looking bows yourself using the right ribbon.

Gift Bow

Heading to a wedding, birthday party, or family celebration? A stunning bow can set your gift apart. With a little practice and the right ribbon, anyone can create gorgeous gift bows that will delight friends and family alike!

Here’s how to get started making your own bows:

Step 1: Choose Your Ribbon

A great bow starts with the right ribbon. Curling ribbon, for example, can be scraped along the edge of a pair of scissors to create fun and whimsical curls that dance around the edge of the box. Fabric ribbon can be used to make traditional bows, and wired ribbon helps intricate bow designs hold their shape.

So, before you set out to wrap your gift, think about how you want the final product to look. Once you have that picture in mind, choose the right bow style and get to work!


Step 2: Tie Your Bow

The Classic Bow

A clean, classic bow is a guaranteed winner for any gift. Ribbons used to make these gift bows are often brightly colored and made of a fine fabric such as satin, but you can make them out of anything you like. We think they look best atop a solid-colored gift wrap or a plain white box. No matter what color combination you choose, here’s how to tie the perfect bow:

  • First, wrap the ribbon around the box so that the two ends can be tied along the top plane.
  • Tie the ribbon in a half-knot.
  • Take one side of the ribbon and form a loop. Find a friend to press their finger down on the half-knot while you do this.
  • Take the other side, wrap it around the loop and pull it through the hole you’ve created, forming a second loop.
  • Grab both loops and slowly pull in opposite directions.
  • Make adjustments to the bow as necessary, and enjoy your beautiful gift!


The Flowering Bow

The flowering bow is more intricate, but still relatively simple to create and yields stunning results. Everyone has their own method, but here’s how we like to make flowering gift bows:

  • Wrap a length of ribbon several times around your hand, forming a coil, then hold that coil loosely in one hand.
  • Pinch the coil together in the center, then fold the coil over on itself.
  • At the spot of the fold, cut notches off each side so that the fold looks like an arrow with a blunt tip.
  • Unfold the ribbon so the notches are now in the center, and join the ribbon loops by tying a small piece of ribbon or string around the notches. Alternatively, use a stapler to attach the ribbons to each other.
  • Now, fan out the inner coils of that bow to make the multiple “petals” of your flower. And voila!


The Wired Bow

The great thing about wired ribbon is that it holds whatever shape you mold it into. As a result, there are an infinite number of wired bow options a crafter could come up with. Try this special wired bow:

  • Use varying lengths of wired ribbon to create different sized circles.
  • Use a glue gun to close the ends of your ribbon circles together.
  • Loop the circles together to form a chain (the chain can be as long as you like).
  • Glue one or both ends of the chain to the gift box to create a unique, fanciful decoration!


Ribbon bows make a creative and thoughtful addition to any gift — some crafters even stockpile them so they’re always prepared for birthdays or holidays. Practice makes perfect, so get started today!


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