How to Make Flowers Out of Ribbon

Ribbon flowers add a sweet touch to gift wrap, a hair accessory, or a traditional bouquet. Start making ribbon flowers today with these fun projects!

Ribbon Flowers

Whether you want to create a beautiful centerpiece bouquet, design a one-of-a-kind brooch, or embellish a hair clip with the colors of your favorite sports team, we’ve got you covered with these ribbon flower projects. Just choose your favorite ribbon in silk, satin, grosgrain, or velvet, and get started with our tutorials for folded roses, pleated flowers, organza petals and more!


Organza Petal Brooch

A petal brooch is a dainty way to spice up a sweater or add a feminine touch to a straw hat. Here’s an easy way to make one:

Materials: 22-24 inches of 1.5-inch wide wired organza ribbon; needle and thread; beads; safety pin; glue gun

  • Grasp one end of the ribbon, and fold to make a pleat.
  • Hold the pleat against the edge of the ribbon with thumb and fingers to form the center of the flower.
  • Build on that, by continuing to make new pleats, holding them together with your thumb and fingers.
  • Continue until you reach your starting point. Then add a new row on top of the first, continuing to hold the center together.
  • Keep pleating until you reach the end of the ribbon.
  • Sew through the center of the ribbon flower with your threaded needle, using small, close stitches. You can sew a safety pin onto the back at this point, or hot glue one on at the end.
  • Sew or glue beads to the center for a bit of embellishment, and you have yourself a beautiful ribbon flower brooch.

Tip: This brooch also works well with silk or satin. Just make sure the ribbon is wired — this helps the ribbon flower to keep its shape.


Ribbon Flower Hair Accessories

Headbands and hair clips are a fun way to personalize your signature look or show your team spirit. These ribbon flowers will take your hair accessories to the next level:

Materials: 12-inch length of grosgrain ribbon (preferably ⅝-⅞ inches wide); needle and similar-colored thread; glue; button or beads

  • Starting at the ribbon’s end, weave the threaded needle in and out along one edge of the ribbon.
  • When you reach the end of the ribbon, pull the thread all the way through, gathering the ribbon as tightly as possible.
  • Trim the thread, making sure to leave enough at both ends to tie a double knot
  • Glue the cut ends of the ribbon together on the underside of the ribbon flower.
  • Allow the glue to dry completely, then flatten out the ribbon flower and shape as desired.
  • Glue a button or beads to the center for some extra pizzazz! Then, glue your beautiful ribbon flower to a headband or hair clip for everyday wear.


Small Ribbon Flowers

Sometimes a project calls for a smaller ribbon flower. This tutorial for a tiny ric rac rosette will give you flowers that are perfect for gift-wrapping, scrapbooking, or crafting.

Materials: Two 10-12 inch lengths of medium-width ric rac trim; glue; needle and matching thread

  • Twist the two pieces of ric rac together, and stitch all the way down one side.
  • Start at one end and roll the ribbon up, adding small dollops of glue to keep it together until you’ve rolled all the way to the end.
  • Tuck the end under and glue it down.
  • If the “petals” are closed, gently peel them back one by one so that they look more like a flower.

Tip: Add the rosette to a strand of beads to wear as a vintage-style necklace or to a band for a fun ring!


A Rose Bouquet

What better way to show your appreciation than with a bouquet of ribbon roses? These flowers would make a standout Valentine’s Day gift!

Materials: 12 40-inch lengths of satin ribbon, trimmed diagonally at each end; large embroidery needle and matching thread

  • Pre-thread a large embroidery needle and set aside.
  • Using your thumb and index finger, hold the ribbon down about 8″ away from the ribbon’s end.
  • Fold the long end over to create an upside-down L-shape.
  • Fold the longer end down so it’s parallel with the shorter end, creating an arrow shape. Leave a ⅛-inch gap between the two sides.
  • Bring the longer end over the shorter end to create a square. Repeat these folds until you have at least three layers.
  • Gently hold the folds in place with your thumb and index finger, then insert the leftover end into the gap in the center of the folds. Gently pull the end through the folds, leaving a small amount of ribbon at the top.
  • Hold the folds tightly with your left hand, and twist the long piece of ribbon near the fold until the top begins to curl. Let each layer curl as you twist, lifting your finger and placing it on the next layer until the flower begins to take shape.
  • Once you have made your flower, hold tightly to the bottom so that it doesn’t come apart. With your pre-threaded needle, stitch directly underneath the bottom of the flower to keep the folds in place.
  • Repeat 11 times for a full dozen. Attach your flowers to wire with floral tape, and you have a beautiful ribbon flower centerpiece!

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