How to Make a Festive Holiday Bow Out of Ribbon

A holiday bow adds polish and makes the perfect accent to any gift or holiday décor.

Holiday Bow

Whether you’re wrapping presents, creating a centerpiece, or doing some holiday decorating, an eye-catching bow elevates your project with a touch of elegance. Here are our tips for making a festive holiday bow out of ribbon.


Choosing the Right Ribbon for Your Bow

Holiday Bow

The first step to creating your DIY bow is choosing the right ribbon. Add a finishing touch to your gift wrapping with a nice satin finish ribbon, or a flocked ribbon for a fancier look. Petite, narrow ribbons and washi tape are great for homemade holiday cards, while wide textured ribbon makes a great addition to a holiday wreath or Christmas tree topper. Holiday-themed ribbon comes in so many patterns and styles that you’ll be sure to find just the material you need to make a unique bow that fits right in with your holiday traditions.


Picking a Color Scheme For Your Holiday Bow

Once you’ve determined the type of ribbon you’ll need for your holiday bow, it’s time to choose the color scheme. Will you go traditional, or will you spice things up this year? For example, a tried-and-true Thanksgiving table will include tones of orange, gold, or copper. But maybe you want to go for more muted gray and white tones with non-traditional pops of color, like burnt orange accented with purple raffia.

Jewish families bring out the menorah for Hanukkah every year, but why not add a little holiday pizzazz while you’re at it? Whether you’re going with the traditional blue and white color palette, incorporating silver tones, or creating a color-coordinated gift display around the menorah, a holiday bow is the perfect accent to draw it all together.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with red and green for Christmas, especially with fun cut-outs like these felt gingerbread ribbons. But if you feel like branching out a bit, here are a few ideas for developing your holiday décor color scheme:

  • Design a festive holiday bow out of ribbon that coordinates with your home’s existing décor.
  • Draw inspiration from your childhood holidays, and choose a color palette that brings your memories to life.
  • Pick a motif like jewel or earth tones, and use holiday bows to carry the theme throughout your home.
  • Choose a specific ornament — maybe something sentimental from your past — and choose color-coordinated holiday ribbon to decorate your tree.


Shaping and Designing Your Holiday Bow

Holiday BowNow that you’ve picked your color palette, let’s talk about the size and shape of your holiday bow. For specific step-by-step instructions on tying decorative bows, check out our tutorials for classic and fancy bows. For projects like gift wrapping and small-scale décor, a classic bow will do the trick — but for wreaths, tree toppers, and larger scale holiday decorations, you’ll want to go with a fancy bow. Wide wired ribbon is preferable for larger bows, as it holds the shape better.

Don’t neglect the small details, like fluffing the loops of your bow or neatly trimming the ends of the ribbon to a suitable length. If you use ribbons made of more delicate materials, like satin or grosgrain, you’ll want to carefully heat seal the ends with a lighter so they don’t unravel. To finish off your holiday bow, add an embellishment like colored jute, beaded wire, or tassels.


No matter what type of holiday bow you’re envisioning, there’s a ribbon to bring your ideas to life. Now that you know what to look for, take a look at our selection of high-quality ribbons and get ready to design your holiday bow!


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