How to Make Decorative Bows with Ribbon

Decorative Bows

The holiday season will be upon us before we know it, and there’s no better gift topper than a decorative bow! Pre-made bows can be expensive, so why not try making one yourself? Now that you’ve read our article on choosing the right ribbon to make your bow, start out with one of these easy tutorials:

The Classic Bow

  1. Begin with a ribbon that will drape nicely while holding its shape. A grosgrain ribbon is an easy one to start with.
  2. Make two loops, holding one in each hand, with the tails draped over your fingers and facing away from you. This will create a third loop hanging in the bottom center.
  3. Cross the left loop over the right loop. (Folding the ribbon instead of twisting it is the key!)
  4. Thread what is now the right loop through the hole formed underneath the two loops.
  5. Pull the loops apart until they become taut. Gently tug along the edges of the knot in the middle so that it looks tidy, then trim the edges and add little notches for a finishing touch.

Don’t worry if your bow doesn’t look perfect the first time. With practice, you’ll soon be a bow pro!

The Fancy Bow

Now that you’ve mastered the classic bow, try the more advanced fancy bow, which is perfect for larger gifts or even home décor. You’ll need about four feet of ribbon — preferably wired ribbon — to make a medium-sized bow.

  1. Start by forming the classic bow. Make sure to start the bow closer to the left end of the ribbon, leaving yourself a longer tail to the right so you can continue adding more loops.
  2. When pulling the loops taut — as in step five of the classic bow — make the loops the size you want the bow to be. If you want a bigger bow, pull the loops through so that they form a large base.
  3. Now, it’s time to make the second bow. Holding the existing bow with your left hand, use your right hand to take the extra tail ribbon and make a loop at the top of the bow between your first two loops, using the back of the center knot as the base. Hold this in place with your left hand.
  4. With your right hand, bring the excess ribbon from the tail up and around the front of the center knot and wrap it around the base of your new loop.
  5. Tuck the tail into the hole that was formed and pull through into a loop, completing the second bow. Think of it like tying a shoelace.
  6. Pull the loops to be the same size as your first bow.
  7. Repeat steps three through six to continue adding as many new layers of bows as you’d like.
  8. Arrange, straighten, and fluff the loops to form them into your desired look for the bow. (This is where the wired ribbon comes in handy.)
  9. Trim the edges of the ribbon to the length you prefer, and use wire to hang in place.

That’s it! Now, you can be the go-to gift wrapping expert when your friends and family are looking to create their own decorative bows. Check out our selection of high-quality ribbon today and start looping!


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  1. Waao, an easy one but I was making it wrong my whole life. I just read your blog and found it useful obviously it corrected me. I was always confused with the loops while making it and this helped me. As you said “Now, I can be the go-to gift wrapping expert when my friends and family are looking to create their own decorative bows. ” Thanks!

    By the way Love your choice of Grosgrain ribbon.


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