How To Sew Lace Trim

Lace trim adds a delicate and feminine touch to any craft project. No matter how you plan to use it, sewing lace isn’t as tricky as you might think.

Lace Trim

Lace adds a touch of elegance to any sewing project, whether you’re embellishing a hemline, enhancing a dress or blouse, or upgrading your linens. Follow these easy steps to sew lace to any clothing item or accessory:

1) When applying lace edging to a fabric or garment, make sure that the hem has a finished edge.

2) Pin your lace along the very edge of the fabric with approximately a three-millimeter overlap.

3) Sew in place with a narrow zigzag stitch. If you’re sewing an elasticized edge, make sure you stretch the elastic while sewing.

That’s it — we told you it was easy! Now for a little inspiration on where you can sew your lace.


Our 10 Favorite DIY Lace Trim Projects

lace trimRefashion Your Worn Denim

Add a bit of lace ribbon to the hem of your favorite pair of denim shorts OR fill in those rips and holes with colored lace for a major fashion statement.


Spruce up a Tired Dress

Transform that plain, boring dress at the back of your closet into a boho chic ensemble by stitching some cotton crochet lace trim around the cuffs, hem, and waist.


Accessorize Your Accessories

Sticking with the boho theme, hot glue that same cotton crochet lace or a pretty lace ribbon to a skinny belt or bracelet to add a fancy finishing touch to your outfit.


lace trimA Pretty, Rustic Touch

We love all things burlap, but we love them even more with a layer of lace on top!  Lace edging on wide burlap fabric makes a great table runner for your next dinner party. Or, try wrapping burlap and lace around a mason jar filled with wildflowers for a stylish down-home centerpiece.


Linens and Placemats

Use lace to turn a boring Tuesday dinner into an elegant dining experience by sewing your favorite lace around cloth napkins and placemats. Use mismatched (but color-coordinated) patterns and colors for a twist.


Fluff Up Your Pillowcases

You’ll have sweet dreams every night when you lay your head on a lace-trimmed pillow! Try an all-white color scheme or a floral printed pillowcase with a matching trim of lace.


Cute Curtains

Sometimes your drapes just need a lift. Whether you add a lace trim around the edges or simply use a wide lace ribbon to tie them back, a dressed-up curtain will add elegance to any living room or bedroom.


Update a Basic Handbag

There are so many ways to embellish a purse with lace — but here are a few of our favorite ideas. Cover the flap of your favorite purse with Barbie lace for an instant statement piece. A simple drawstring bag will look great with a layer of lace gathered up around the top, too!


lace trimVintage Décor With Books

Glue or sew lace around the covers of a set of old books from the flea market. Then, tie a pretty lace bow around the stack for a sweet bookshelf decoration. Top it off with a vase of fresh flowers.


Lace Ribbon Tape

If you’re looking for a no-sew option, there’s always lace ribbon tape. This handy tape is perfect for handmade cards, gift wrapping, or embellishing pretty much anything!


Now you have all the lace knowledge you need to make your craft projects come to life. Check out our selection of ribbons and lace for everything you need to get going!


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