Eye-Catching Bookmarks for the Bookworm in All of Us

Do you sometimes snatch a book off the shelf, open the first page and immediately lose all track of time? Minutes or hours (perhaps an exaggeration, but you never know!) later, the doorbell rings, or the bread timer goes off, or your kids start fighting over the last blue crayon in the box. You need to take care of the emergency, but you’re not at the end of the chapter yet. What’s a creative bookworm like you to do?

Simple: Design your own bookmark, and you’ll never lose your place again. Ribbons.com is ready to spice up your books — whether they’re cookbooks or paperback novels or self-help manuscripts — with some bold and eye-catching bookmarks. There are tons of ways to add flair to your reading, and all you need are some basic products and a little imagination.

A Day at the Zoo

Take a trip to the zoo, where kiddies and kids at heart can fall in love with beautiful animals. To make these bookmarks, you’ll need 3/4″ satin finish poly ribbon in whatever color you want. For a regal lion, why not pick ivory or chocolate? For the stately tortoise, emerald green or flat gold. You could also pick pastel blue for a tropical toucan or plum for a feisty kingfisher. The options are nearly endless!

Once you have your chosen color and animal, cut to the desired length. Fold one end over, and secure it down with hot glue to prevent any unraveling.

For the other end, first, grab a piece of felt and cut out the head shape. Then, cut out any distinctive features from another piece of felt, such as a lion’s mane or a large bird bill. You’ll want round eyes as well. Glue everything down, then glue the finished animal head to the top of the bookmark.

Play Time for One and All

If you’d like something simpler, cut out an appropriate length of paw print satin ribbon or printed grosgrain ribbon for children, and fold over and glue one end. Cut off some colored rat-tail cord, and lay it across the top of the ribbon. Fold the ribbon edge over top, and secure with hot glue.

Attach your choice of a cute decal to the ends of the cords, and tie tightly. Some great decal options include 2″ pastel butterfliesrhinestone floral sprays or these petite carnation flowers.

Vintage Excellence

If you’re classy and you know it, you’ll love the idea of a damask-patterned bookmark. For this project, you’ll need damask linen ribbon cut to an appropriate length. Next, hot glue the ribbon onto thin card stock of an identical length and width.

Then, grab a hole punch, and punch a hole in the top of the bookmark. You’ll now need some colored rat-tail cord in a matching or complementary color, which you will loop through the hole. Tie the ends securely onto these stunning decorative tassel ends. Presto! A gorgeous new bookmark just for you.

Wonderland Adventures

We’re heading off to Wonderland now, thanks to these harlequin satin ribbons. Cut an identical length and width of thin card stock, and hot glue the ribbon to the card. Around all four edges, you will hot glue this heart edge sheer ribbon. Make sure you only glue half of the heart ribbon to the harlequin ribbon, though; you want the other half to hang off the edge. That’s where the whimsical nature comes in!

Add extra details to the back side of the card stock. You can paint on hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades, or you can tape on this eye-catching diamond pattern washi tape, whether white/gold or white/hot pink. The choice is yours, just don’t anger the Queen!

Thanks to Ribbons.com, your books will always be looking their best.


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