5 Fun and Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Gobble, gobble! Thanksgiving is almost here. Keep the little ones busy this holiday with fun and simple Thanksgiving crafts for kids.

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When you think of Thanksgiving crafting, you probably think of the classic five-fingered turkey that every child has tried their hand at. This holiday season, try shaking things up a bit with a fresh take on Thanksgiving DIY. We’ve rounded up 5 creative (and easy) ideas for you and your kids to try.


1) Tabletop Turkey

Paint a large paper or plastic cup dark brown, then flip it upside down and glue a brown pom-pom to the bottom of the cup for the turkey’s head. Next, trace and cut out feathers from construction paper, then attach them to the back of the cup. Feel free to use as many colors as you want!

To bring your turkey to life, cut out an orange triangle for the beak and a red heart for the wattle. Add a pair of googly eyes to the pom-pom, and you’ve got yourself a turkey!


Thanksgiving Crafts2) Grateful Pie

Remind the kids to be thankful with a spinning “pie chart.” Trace the inner circle of a paper dinner plate onto a piece of construction paper, then cut it out. Cut one triangular “slice” out of the circle and use grosgrain ribbon to create a fun lattice pattern on top of the “pie.” Use a brass fastener to attach the paper circle to the center of the paper plate and write “I’m Thankful For…” along the top.

To fill in the chart, ask the kids to make a list of things they’re thankful for, and write their ideas on the paper plate in the spaces left by the empty slice of pie. Rotate the pie to add more items from the list.


3) Paper Plate and Ribbon Turkey

Color a paper plate brown or gold. Using brown construction paper, cut out a circle for the turkey’s head as well two thin strips for legs, then glue them to the paper plate. Have the kids draw a face on the circle. Next, take ribbon in fun designs like polka dots and stripes and trim them into 6-inch strips. Loop the ribbons and staple them around the top of the paper plate for a colorful array of feathers!


Thanksgiving Crafts4) Not-So-Scary Scarecrow 

Trim the top half off of a paper bag, leaving only the bottom. Stuff the remaining bag full of cotton balls and staple the top shut. Then, glue on googly eyes and draw a nose and mouth for the scarecrow’s face. Cut the shape of a hat out of a brightly colored piece of construction paper. Have the kids draw leaves or other fall-themed decorations on the hat, and glue it to the front of the bag. Glue several strands of natural raffia to the top of the bag for the “straw,” and you’re done!


5) Pine Cone Turkey

Buy some natural jute ribbon for this project, then take the kids into the backyard or around your neighborhood to gather pine cones. Create seven loops of ribbon and glue the edges together along the bottom of the pine cone to create an arc for a back row of turkey “feathers.” Then glue five smaller loops for a front row, mixing and matching colors as you like. Shimmy the arc of feathers in between the spikes of the pine cone and hot glue in place. Add googly eyes to a brown pom-pom along with an orange triangle for the beak for the cutest little Turkey Day craft.

Engage your younger guests this Thanksgiving with one — or several — of these fun, creative crafts!


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