Easy DIY Fall Wreath

One of the best things about the fall / autumn season is the fact that even nature seems to be redecorating. The days get a little bit shorter, the air turns crisp and leaves transform into stunning shades of orange and gold. All this change has inspired us to sip warm seasonal, pumpkin-flavored drinks and redecorate our own homes with fun fall-inspired DIYs. Join us as we craft ourselves into the season with a super easy fall wreath using burlap. Let’s get started!

DIY Fall Wreath

Fall Wreath

You’ll Need

Here’s How To Create Your Fall Wreath

Make Your Base

Your base will be the easiest and most important part of this project! The trick is to completely cover your frame and periodically secure your ribbon with glue.

  1. First, take the edge of your ribbon and glue it to your wreath. This part doesn’t have to be neat, you’re just looking to secure the edge.
  2. Next, start wrapping your wreath. While we wrap, we like to overlap the edges of our ribbon a little. This little trick ensures full wire frame coverage.
  3. Once you reach the ribbon end, glue to the wire frame surface. Don’t be afraid if this is a little messy, imperfections can always be beautified with a little bit of embellishment.
  4. Finally, once your base is fully covered, you’re ready to beautify and adorn with embellishments of your choice!

Embellish With Bows, Butterflies, And More!

If you’re happy with your base undecorated, then feel free to skip this step and hang your wreath as is. Personally, even for our most minimal decorative pieces, we like a little bit of flair. Here are a few of our favorite embellishments that we like to garnish our wreaths with.

Decorative Bows

It’s no secret, we’re obsessed with bows of all shapes and sizes. From dainty pinwheel bows to exaggerated boutique bows – we will hot glue these beauties anywhere and everywhere. Here is a quick rundown on a few of our favorite decorative bows and how to make them:

  • Basic Boutique Bows | Basic boutique bows are easily made with sturdier ribbons like grosgrain or wired ribbons. Make a basic boutique bow by simply creating two loops, crossing one over the other, and tying them together. Tighten to secure, fluff loops out as desired for more shape.
  • Pinwheel Bows | Pinwheel bows look complicated, but can be easy to form with a little help from some thin twine For this small pinwheel bow, we recommend using a thinner, more flexible ribbon like this narrow satin ribbon and some bakers twine. Gently fold your ribbon into three even layers and secure the center with your twine. Fluff the folded edges out and shape your bow, finish by covering the twine with your extra ribbon.

Small Butterfly Accents And Florals

Once the bigger decor pieces are shaped and glued onto your wreath, don’t be afraid to play around and start filling in the gaps on your wreath with different textures and dainty details.

  • Butterflies | The key to using butterflies to embellish a seasonal, fall wreath is to choose butterflies with fall-colored feathers. Look for deep purpleburgundy, or orange butterflies.
  • Feathers | Feathers add a wild and unconventional texture to your wreath. For the darker fall evenings, don’t hesitate to experiment with smooth black goose feathers.
  • Florals | Often thought to be a Spring or Summer accessory, millinery flowers give an elegant finish to any decorative piece. The trick to accessorizing with small satin roses for the fall is to go neutral, look for ivory florals to add depth and texture to your wreath.

Storing And Saving Your Wreath

We love this DIY not only for the fact that it is super easy to make, but because burlap is extremely sturdy and durable, it can be stored and saved for upcoming seasons. Easily protect your creation from dust by keeping it loosely covered with plastic.

Love this wreath? Looking to make your own? Do it! We are always so inspired by you and your creativity. Share it with us on FB or Instagram and stay tuned for more DIY ideas and product features.


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