Our Favorite DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas & Decorations

Hosting Thanksgiving this year? Wow your guests with these chic DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

You have your stuffing, your mashed potatoes, your sweet and savory pies, and — of course — the turkey. All you need now is a stunning holiday table to perfectly present your Thanksgiving day feast. Celebrate the season with some of our favorite Thanksgiving decorations for the home.


1) A Harvest CelebrationThanksgiving Centerpiece

Spice up several wheat stalks by wrapping them in some colorful ribbon. Stick to traditional fall colors like orange, yellow, and brown, or make a statement with a bold color in satin. Lay the bundles of wheat across your dining table for a rustic feeling that ties back to the holiday’s roots.


2) Box of Thanksgiving Treasures

Whitewash an antique wooden box — with or without handles — and fill it with your favorite fall décor like pumpkins, dahlias, mums, or a spray of autumn leaves. The decoration for the home works year-round, too — simply swap out the flowers for a seasonally appropriate filler.


3) Mason Jar Vases

Here’s another whitewashing idea: paint six glass jars white, wrap a strand of burlap ribbon around each one, and stencil the letters T-H-A-N-K-S in whatever color you prefer. Pop a few colorful gerbera daisies into each jar, and you’ll be saying “thanks” for a beautiful rustic Thanksgiving centerpiece!


Thanksgiving Centerpiece4) Cinderella’s Pumpkin Patch

When aren’t crafters looking for an excuse to buy mini pumpkins? When you’re decorating for a party, create an easy, memorable centerpiece with natural jute ribbon and mini pumpkins. Simply stagger orange and white pumpkins along the middle of your table atop a jute runner. Then, weave in greenery — like an ivy garland or some fresh cuttings from your yard — and top your pumpkins with strands of curling wire vines for a finishing touch.


5) A Gourd-eous Vase

While we’re on the pumpkin theme, here’s another idea: place a vase filled with your favorite autumn blooms inside a hollowed-out pumpkin. If you find your pumpkin needs a bit more oomph, tie on a raffia ribbon in the same shade as your flowers or add a fun embellishment like colorful beaded wire.


6) Thanksgiving Chic

If your taste is a bit more fashion-forward, go monochromatic! Find pumpkins in various sizes and paint them all white or, if you can find them, purchase several glass pumpkins. Add white antlers, hydrangeas, or white crinkled ribbon to your centerpiece for texture. We think these pumpkins would also look great with lots of candles or electric twinkle lights!


7) One for the Kids

Sitting at the kids’ table at family holiday gatherings is practically a rite of passage. So give your younger guests a holiday to remember with their own special Thanksgiving centerpiece! Cover the table with white butcher paper, then create an arrangement of leafy twigs and branches surrounded by mini pumpkins — one for each child at the table.

Place jars or pails filled with pencils, crayons, or markers around the table, and let the kids unleash their creative sides. They can draw on the butcher paper tablecloth, decorate their pumpkins with markers, or make leaf rubbings with the leaves from the centerpiece. Be warned — some adults may end up at the kids’ table to join in on the fun!


8) Festive Place Settingsthanksgiving centerpiece

Though it isn’t a Thanksgiving centerpiece, we’re throwing this one in for good measure. Every holiday table needs the perfect place setting. Tie a white linen napkin up in a lovely orange grosgrain ribbon and tuck a sprig of rosemary into the knot. Add a mini pumpkin to the plate, and voila!

There you have it! Take a look at some of our autumn-inspired ribbons and order soon — Thanksgiving’s just around the corner!


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