DIY Holiday Card Ribbon Display

It’s time to deck the halls and display all the fun holiday cheer your friends and family are sending! All it takes is a few rolls of your favorite ribbon, some hot glue, and a little creativity to turn your home into a festive wonderland. Inspired by our muse, Martha Stewart, we’ve adapted this super easy holiday card display here.

Holiday Card

Photo Source:  Martha Stewart

You’ll Need

How To Make Your Holiday Card Ribbon Display

  1. First, create the base of your display using your wide ribbon. Cut a 40” strip of your wide ribbon and lay it flat on your workstation.
  2. Then as a placeholder, assemble your holiday cards evenly along the ribbon’s surface.
    Note: Most of the cards you receive will be different sizes. To accommodate, lay your cards down vertically and horizontally.
  3. Next, create borders using strips of your narrow ribbon cut to approximately 40”. Position these ribbons on each side of your base.
  4. Using your hot glue, attach your narrow ribbon to the base by gluing in between your holiday cards.
  5. After the base is done, make a simple 12” bow accent using the rest of your wide ribbon. Simply trim your ribbon to 24”, fold the ends of your ribbon toward the center and secure with hot glue.
  6. Cover the center with ribbon and glue to secure.
  7. Once your bow is done, glue it to the top of your ribbon base.
  8. Hang and display!

Storing And Saving Your Display Piece

We love this DIY because it’s simple construction gives us a lot of room to get creative and play with beautiful holiday patterns and textures. A few of our favorites include tartansnowflakes, and even glitter. It’s also reusable! Easily store and save your display piece by wrapping it around a flat, wide piece of cardboard. The flat cardboard shape ensures your ribbon will stay wrinkle-free and ready for next year!

Love this easy holiday card display idea? Looking to make your own? Do it! We are always so inspired by you and your creativity. Share it with us on FB or Instagram and stay tuned for easy DIY ideas and ribbon features.


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