Our Favorite DIY Halloween Wreath Ideas

Whether your Halloween style is fun and festive, subtly spooky, or downright frightening, welcome trick-or-treaters to your front door with an easy DIY Halloween wreath.

Halloween Wreath

For enthusiastic DIYers, Halloween presents the perfect opportunity to flex your creative muscles. For decor that goes far beyond the trusty jack-o-lantern, step up your game with a seasonal wreath that makes use of unexpected materials. Try one of the spooky themes below, or tread into the dark unknown with a Halloween wreath design of your own!


1) Mummies


This spooky mummy-inspired wreath is guaranteed to impress your trick-or-treaters! Here’s how to make this Halloween wreaths. You’ll need a foam wreath form and a bolt of white gauzy fabric — try medical gauze or cheesecloth. Wrap the fabric loosely around the wreath, then shred the fabric with scissors or a box cutter to make it look worn. Loop a few layers of sheer black ribbon around the top to hang the wreath on your front door. As a grisly finishing touch, glue a few skeletal fingers beneath the outer layer of gauze.


2) Go for the Glam

Glam up your front door with a fancy feather wreath. Glue layers of black ostrich wing plumes to a foam wreath form. Then add a great big black and orange striped or polka dotted bow just left of center. Add some seasonal embellishments like plastic candy corn or ghosts as a finishing touch.


3) Flying Bats


Holy wreaths and ribbons, Batman! This wreath is perfect for a more minimalist Halloween style. Wrap a thin metal hoop in black burlap ribbon, then form curved, evenly-spaced “spokes” with stiff wire. Trace and cut out your bats from cardboard, spray paint them black, and attach them to the wreath with a glue gun. Arrange your bats so they look like they’re swarming in flight, and hang the wreath from your front door with a shiny black ribbon.


4) No Tricks, Just Treats

For something on the sweeter side, try a candy wreath! Here’s how to make a candy wreath of your own. First, find lollipops, taffy, or other candies in translucent packaging that go with your preferred color scheme. Attach the candies to a foam wreath form using small pins or regular glue — don’t use hot glue, which will melt the plastic! When you’re finished, attach any bow you like to the top. We love one made from contrasting polka dot ribbons.


5) Tangled Webs

This wreath might be a little unconventional, but we think your Halloween party guests will love it. Remove the glass and artwork or photo from an old picture frame, or use a conventional wreath form. Spray paint your wreath in a bold color, then tie string or yarn across the frame in a spider web shape. Use hot glue or tape to attach your spider web to the inside of the frame, and glue on a few plastic spiders for good measures.


6) Pumpkin Patch

What’s more classically Halloween than a pumpkin? As an added bonus, this autumnal wreath can be displayed all throughout the fall season. You’ll need a wire frame wreath and orange mesh or burlap ribbon. Weave the fabric in and out of the wire frame, fluffing it as you go to your desired fullness. Add a green sprig of a bow on top, along with a few fall embellishments, and you’ve got a festive pumpkin to hang on your front door.


7) Bunchy Burlap

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For a Halloween wreath, you can keep up after the holiday, try this burlap beauty! Weave a dark brown burlap ribbon in and out of a wire wreath frame, scrunching and bunching as you go. Shape each loop to get the fullness that you’d like (tip: tuck any loose ends away with pipe cleaners in a similar color). Add a decorative sunflower or leaves for a finishing touch, and hang it up with a ribbon in contrasting tones.

If you like one of these wreath ideas, grab some Halloween ribbon and get crafting (try these No-Carve Pumpkins tonight!) October 31 will be here sooner than you think!


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