7 DIY Christmas Washi Tape Crafts

The holidays are the perfect time to get creative with Christmas washi tape! Try these fun DIY ideas.

Christmas Washi Tape

Available in a wide range of festive colors and designs, washi tape is ideal for handmade Christmas crafts. It’s pretty, versatile, and easy to use — for both kids and adults alike!

From seasonal décor to ornaments and handmade gift wrapping, here are seven of our favorite Christmas washi tape craft ideas.


Washi Tape Christmas Tree

Take advantage of washi tape’s wall-safe adhesive with this Christmas tree wall art! Create the outline of a standard Christmas tree by shaping the washi tape into a triangle, or use strips of washi tape (shorter at the top and longer at the bottom) to create the illusion of a tree. Use the tree to display your Christmas cards, or deck that wall art with a rhinestone chain or gold tinsel garland to match your real tree.


Christmas Washi TapeChristmas Ornaments

Who says you have to stick to red and green at Christmas? Use these fun patterned washi tape sets to create color-coordinated Christmas ornaments for your tree or banister. Cover plain ball ornaments with washi tape, or simply give your kids a stack of cardstock and washi tape and let their imaginations run wild!


Advent Calendar

Using brown kraft paper bags, a circle punch, and patterned washi tape, you can create your very own advent calendar garland. Decorate 25 paper bags with various colors of washi tape — try teal and red for a modern spin on tradition. With a circle punch, make 25 circles in coordinating colors to go on each of the paper bags. Fill the bags with small treats, then hang them with a clothespin on some baker’s twine for attractive — and interactive — wall décor.


Christmas Washi TapeFestive Candles

This may be the simplest craft of all. Just wrap some of your favorite colored glitter washi tape around a glass jar or vase and pop in some candles. Easy peasy! Use the candles as a centerpiece for your Christmas dinner table, or add some warmth to the mantle where the stockings are hung.


Christmas Cards

There’s nothing quite as special around the holidays as a handmade Christmas card. With just a bit of colored cardstock and some sweet embellishments, you can craft a meaningful message for your friends and family. Design your own cards with solid color washi tape or this lovely lace tape for a touch of elegance.


Festive Garland

All you need for this project is white card stock, a pair of scissors, and washi tape in your favorite colors and patterns, and you’ve got yourself a festive garland to hang over any entryway or Christmas scene. Cut letters to spell out a holiday greeting like “Merry Christmas,” decorate them with your Christmas washi tape, then hang them on baker’s twine to spread a bit of seasonal cheer.


Christmas Washi TapeHoliday Gift Wrapping

Christmas washi tape is a great way to personalize your gift wrapping. Use it to make gift tags, bows, garlands, and fun designs that will delight your friends and family. They may even want to save the wrapping as a work of art!

There is so much you can do with washi tape. Use these Christmas washi tape craft ideas as inspiration for your own festive holiday creations.


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