How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Ribbon

Give your Christmas tree depth and texture with colorful ribbons and bows.

Christmas Tree with Ribbon

There are endless ways that you can use ribbon to decorate your Christmas tree. From a tree topper to tiny bows to full-on billowy ribbon goodness, your friends and family will think you’ve had your tree decorated professionally!

Here are a few tips to help you master the four most popular methods of decking out a Christmas tree with ribbon:

1) Cascading Ribbon

The cascade is one of the easiest — and most visually stunning! — ways to use ribbon on a Christmas tree. To achieve this look, first choose a wired ribbon. Both satin and organza ribbons create a nice draping effect.

Next, decide on a color scheme. White and gold is a lovely wintry combination; or, try some burlap and lace trim for a bit of texture.

Tie a bow for your topper, then get to work on the streamers. Depending on your tree height, you may need an entire spool of ribbon for each streamer. Attach the streamer to the top branch beneath the bow and loosely twist it until you’ve reached your desired length. Trim the ends, or tuck them into the bottom branches. Add some dimension by layering streams of ribbon in alternating colors from lower branches as well. This will give you a less structured and more natural look and is especially impactful on taller trees (it makes it look like you’ve used more ribbon than you actually did!).


2) The Traditional WrapChristmas Tree with Ribbon

Replace your classic garland with ribbon in this traditional wrap around the Christmas tree. Deco mesh or a wired edge Christmas plaid ribbon takes this festive holiday look up a notch. Start at the top of your tree, and wrap or tie one end of the ribbon around a branch to anchor it. Then slowly make your way around the tree, adding more spools of ribbon as needed.

There are a couple of ways to do this that will give you slightly different styles. One is to just wrap the ribbon around the tree at a descending angle. The second is to weave the ribbon in and out of branches, which lends a bit more depth by adding sparkle from within!


3) The Criss-Cross

Go for a lavish, designer look with the criss-cross ribbon decoration. A wired ribbon about two inches in width is ideal for the criss-cross.

Cut six to eight ribbons about twice the length of your tree, and secure the ends together. Attach the ends to the top of your tree, ideally underneath a tree topper for a better hold. Then, drape the ribbons evenly around the tree, similar to the cascading effect described above. Choose two ribbons and cross them about 12 inches from the top of the tree, securing them with craft wire or a beaded tie. Repeat this step, creating a top “row” of crossed ribbons. Do the same in the second row, but this time cross two ribbons that are not attached. Continue this method to the bottom and tuck the ends neatly into the bottom branches for a finished look.


4) Elegant BowsChristmas Tree with Ribbon

Large elegant bows add fullness and depth to any Christmas tree with ribbon. To make the bows, simply loop the ribbon over on itself, tie with craft wire or a green pipe cleaner, and attach it to the tree. Create the bows in various sizes for added dimension. Wired ribbon is ideal because it holds the structure better. Use black, red, and silver ribbons for a stylish, upscale Christmas tree. Or try a sturdy green burlap and red tulle for a more casual, traditional look.

Now that you’ve got these four styles down, you’re ready to wow your friends and family with your glimmering showstopper! Just a few more pro tips to keep in mind before you get started: add the ribbon before you hang your ornaments, and use it strategically to cover up any bare spots in your tree. Now, go forth and trim that tree!


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