How to Decorate a Candle with Ribbon

decorate a candle with ribbon

Are you dreaming of ways to spruce up your home? Consider decorating a candle. From effortless glamour to rustic charm, ribbon-wrapped candles can set the right mood in any room. Here’s how to decorate a candle!

We can’t think of a craft project that’s easier or more effective than wrapping candles in ribbon! With just half an hour and a few common crafting items, you can create beautiful (and functional!) decor for your home or for special events.

The possibilities for ribbon-wrapped candles are endless. Here are just a few ideas for making your next event or holiday special:

  • Decorate for a baby shower using blue candles wrapped in pink ribbon.
  • Create elegant wedding reception centerpieces with white candles and pearl-lined ribbons.
  • Wrap bright green candles in yellow or light blue ribbon for a celebratory Easter or spring centerpiece.
  • Don’t have enough Christmas decorations on hand? Use ribbon to turn your candles into candy canes!

Want to make ribbon-wrapped candles your next project? Here’s how you can decorate a candle with ribbon:


Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You probably have most of the materials you’ll need for this project in your house right now! First, you’ll need some undecorated candles, which you likely have on hand. In fact, we’ve known a crafter or two who’s worked miracles with those small white emergency candles that most families keep in a junk drawer or basement.

Once you have your candles, all you need is ribbon, a glue gun or metal tacks, and a little creativity. If it’s Valentine’s Day, you might look for red ribbon or ribbon with hearts. If you’re throwing a dinner party, select ribbon that highlights the colors in your dining room. Don’t be afraid to use more than one type of ribbon — you can produce some amazing designs by combining ribbon of different colors, widths, and textures. For a black-tie wedding, try layering a nice lace ribbon tape over an elegant black silk. For a more rustic feel, layer a bright, solid colored ribbon over a strip of burlap.


Step 2: Use Your Imagination

Once you have all your materials, plan out your design. Use Pinterest to find candle inspiration, or sketch a few ideas of your own. During the design process, keep in mind the colors you want to use. You may be inspired to use ribbon elsewhere in your home to match your new candles. Curtain ties, perhaps? How about impromptu napkin rings?


Step 3: Wrap the Candle in Ribbon

Using your glue gun, place a dab of glue directly onto the ribbon surface. You should always apply the hot glue to the ribbon and not directly onto the candle — it’ll melt!  Be liberal with your application of glue: the more secure your ribbon, the more durable your creation will be. Pins or brass thumbtacks can also be used to attach the ribbon to the candle while adding a decorative touch.

Once the first end of the ribbon is in place, begin to wrap the ribbon around the candle. Give some thought to whether you want the bands of ribbon to overlap, or if you want to space them apart so the candle surface is still visible underneath. If you plan to burn the candle, make sure you leave a few inches at the top. Once you have your pattern in place, secure the end piece of the ribbon to the candle with more glue or pins.


Step 4: Finishing Touches

Now is the time to double-down on your creativity. Do you have metallic thumbtacks or a rhinestone chain that might add a little flair? How about premade bows? We’ve also seen crafters use dried flowers, twigs, and other organic materials for an outdoorsy look. Use whatever you can find around the house or the yard to make your candle truly special.

If using glue, let it dry for about 30 minutes and then your candle is ready to go! And if you’re pleased with the final product, keep going — you can make several identical candles or switch up the decoration for a contrasting look.


Step 5: Enjoy (Safely)!

Many people choose to keep their wrapped candles unlit, but if you want to light them, you should take a few precautions. Ribbons and other candle decorations can pose a fire hazard, so keep your candles in a glass candle holder or a filled glass candle jar while lit. Never leave a lit candle unsupervised and keep all candles out of the reach of children or pets.

Ribbon-wrapped candles are a simple, quick project that can make a big visual impact. Once you’ve finished your candle creations, share them with us on Twitter or Instagram!


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  1. I found it helpful when you said that it’s best to determine how you want your ribbon candles to be designed to ensure that they will match your home decors. This is something that I will make sure to remember because I’m planning to shop for dripless candle sets that I can use to decor my living room. What I want is to use ribbons to further enhance their aesthetic appeal that will help to make my living room look impressive. Thanks!


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