Back-to-School Activities for Your Kindergarten Classroom

Be sure to stock up on ribbon for your classroom this year — these fun craft projects will keep your kindergarteners busy!

Back to school activities

It’s hard to believe that the new school year is already in full swing! Preschool and kindergarten classrooms are filled with new faces and a whole lot of energy, so many teachers are searching for back-to-school activities to keep their kids engaged. We’ve put together a few fun ribbon projects that will serve as icebreakers for your students — and they’ll be fun for you, too!



Rainsticks make a fantastic back-to-school activity because creating music together is a great way for children to get to know one another. Rainsticks can also be added to the classroom’s musical instrument collection for the rest of the school year. There’s more than one way to make a rainstick, but here’s our favorite method:

  1. Start with a semi-solid tube. A cardboard poster tube is best, but pieces of plastic pipe will work as well.
  2. Cover one end of the tube with several layers of aluminum foil. Wrap the foil around the end of the tube and attach with a glue gun or rubber bands.
  3. Have the children fill the tubes with “rainmakers.” We like to use dried beans or aquarium gravel.
  4. Seal off the other end of the tube in the same way as the first.
  5. It’s time to decorate! Give your kids markers, crayons, or paints to color the tube. Provide various sizes and colors of ribbons that can be affixed to the tubes using glue sticks. We think it’s fun to use music or school-themed ribbons.


Ribbon Dancing

Dancing is a great physical (and mental!) activity for kids, but some of your students may be too shy to dance on their own. With a ribbon dancing stick, however, we bet they’ll come out of their shells as they make their ribbons fly through the air to the beat of the music! Thankfully, these ribbon sticks are also very simple to make.

  1. Collect some paint stirring sticks to use as handles. Not only are they lightweight and sturdy, but they’re also available for free at hardware stores.
  2. Let your students choose ribbons to secure to the end of the stick. Printed grosgrain ribbons tend to work well for this project. Keep a variety of colors and styles on hand so each child can design the stick of their dreams.
  3. Cut the ribbons to your desired length. Because you’ll want the ribbons to flow freely while the kids dance, we recommend that each ribbon be three to five feet long.
  4. Attach the ribbon to the end of the stick using a hot glue gun.
  5. Allow each student to decorate their stick using crayons, markers, or paints.
  6. Turn on the music and dance! Encourage the kids to wave their dancing sticks and let those ribbons fly!


Glitter Pops

Glitter pops are a fun art activity sure to keep your kids laughing. When popped, these glitter-filled balloons release a rainbow of confetti into the air. Kids love them and they’re easy to make using leftover ribbon.

  1. Grab all the scraps of ribbon lying around the classroom from last year’s art projects.
  2. Give each child a pair of safety scissors and tell them to cut the ribbons into the smallest pieces they can in order to make “glitter.”
  3. Wrap the mouth of an empty balloon over a funnel and allow each child to pour a handful of ribbon glitter into the funnel, thus filling the balloons. If you want, throw in a little bit of actual glitter to make things sparkly.
  4. Store the filled balloons with mouths facing upward in a small, tupperware container.

For special birthday celebrations and holidays, blow up one or more balloons with your mouth or with helium. Have the kids count to ten out loud, then pop the balloon with a thumbtack and watch your ribbon glitter flow through the air!

There are a million ways to incorporate ribbon into your back-to-school activities. No matter which you choose, be creative and have fun!


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