9 Popular DIY Ribbon Bows

If you like to craft, we’re willing to bet that you’ve tied your fair share of DIY ribbon bows. While basic bows are a beautiful and classic choice, we recognize that sometimes the occasion calls for something a little more elaborate.

DIY ribbon bows

Here are nine fresh bow ideas for crafters experiencing bow fatigue:

  1.  Basic Boutique Bow: A staple in any accessory drawer, the basic boutique bow adds a touch of sweetness and charm to stylish outfits. Grosgrain ribbon is the gold standard for the basic boutique, as its sturdy material is easy to tie and holds up well to wear and tear. Create basic boutique ribbon bow in every color, or spice things up with a fun polka dot print!
  2.  Pinwheel Bow: Similar to the basic bow, the pinwheel adds a little extra flair with its tails spreading out to create the namesake pinwheel shape. Try this sweetheart grosgrain ribbon for your little sweetheart’s pinwheel hair bow.
  3.  Tails Down Bow: A little bit of drape in the tail of a DIY ribbon bow adds movement and bounce, especially when a satin ribbon is used to create this look. (Perfect for polishing off a cheerleading, gymnastics, or softball uniform!) If you aren’t up to making your own, try a pre-tied tail down bow in assorted patterns and styles.
  4.  Inside-Out Bow: Flip it and reverse it with a fun and funky inside-out bow. The center pinstripes and thick edges on this striped grosgrain ribbon look great on both sides, adding both glamour and spunk to your bow.
  5.  Twisted Boutique Bow: The twisted boutique bow is your basic boutique bow with – you guessed it – a TWIST! The loops are made so that they scrunch a bit at the knot in the middle, creating a fun wave effect to the bow. Bold colors and zebra stripes go perfectly with the twisted boutique bow design.
  6.  Flower Loop Bow: The flower loop bow is versatile and allows you to use multiple colors! The loops and layers offer options for school spirit, team pride, or just fun personal expression. Choose a patterned ribbon like this party stars option, or embellish the top knot with pearls or rhinestones.
  7.  Double Ruffle Bow: Because you can never have too many ruffles. Perfect for Easter outfits, summer soirees, or just because you want to get fancy, the double ruffle adds that special something to your DIY ribbon bow. You can’t go wrong with pastel ruffles, but if you’re feeling bold, opt for one of these brighter colors.
  8.  Butterfly Bow: The butterfly bow adds elegance to any gift or home décor project. A sturdily woven fabric ribbon is a great choice for spreading out the loops into the shape of a blossoming butterfly.
  9.  Pull Bow: The go-to bow for adding the finishing touch to gifts for any occasion is the pull bow. This pull bow even comes on its own dispense roll, which keeps it free of creases. Simply roll the desired amount of ribbon, give the inner strings a pull, and voila! You have a perfectly shaped DIY ribbon bow to top your gift.

Now it’s time to put your bow knowledge to work. No matter which DIY ribbon bow you choose to design, save on your favorite ribbon by shopping with us!


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  1. Thanks for sharing awesome and simple DIY ideas. Birthday of my baby is near and I’m planning to make lots of colourful ribbon bows using my Bowdabra bow making tool.


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