7 Easy Crafts with Ribbon

Looking for an easy craft project? Try one of these fun ideas — grab some ribbon and get started!

crafts with ribbon

Ribbons are versatile, visually interesting, and fundamental to any crafter’s toolkit. Whether you use ribbon as the basis of your project or weave it in as a finishing touch, it’s guaranteed to add a fun and flowy touch to any item.

Here are seven of our favorite crafts with ribbons:

1) Fancy Flip Flops

With a little knot tying know-how, you can easily turn your favorite sandals into a stylish footwear statement. Simply trim the ribbons to your desired length and tie them around the straps until you’ve created a pattern that you’re happy with. Use pearlized raffia for a beachy aesthetic, or thin gingham ribbon for a trendy spring shoe.

For a touch of feminine flair, wrap the straps with a solid color ribbon, then create a small basic boutique bow and tie it to the center. Personalize your fancy flip-flops by adding a monogrammed button to the center knot of the bow.

2) Ribbon Bookmarks

Crafting doesn’t get much easier than creating a ribbon bookmark. Pick a ribbon with a fun design, trim it to the appropriate length, and you’re done! But why stop there? Sew a charm to each end of the bookmark to give it some weight to hold the page.

You can also create an elasticized version by sewing a large, decorative button to one end of your ribbon and a cloth-covered elastic band to the other. Then, simply mark your page with the ribbon and wrap it around the outside of your book, tucking the button into the elastic. You’ll never lose your place again!

3) Ribbon Wands

Ribbon wands are fun and simple, making them the perfect craft for kids. All you need is a wooden dowel, some colorful satin ribbon, and hot glue (of course, an adult should man the hot glue gun!). If needed, trim your dowel to a kid-friendly size and sand the edges with fine-grain sandpaper. Lay out your color scheme with the ribbons, tying each one to the top of the dowel and securing it with hot glue. Once the wand is completely dry, hand it off to the kids and send them outside to run around with their new toy!

4) Ribbon Windsock

Ribbons look so pretty flowing in the breeze, and you can create your own windsock by tying ribbons to an embroidery hoop and hanging it from your porch. Cut the ribbons to 24” and tie on as many as you’d like in various widths and colors. Pick colors that complement your house, or show your team spirit on game day by displaying your favorite team’s colors.

5) Woven Ribbon Lampshade

Ribbons can significantly spruce up your home décor. Jazz up a boring white lamp shade with woven satin ribbons. Go with a monochromatic aesthetic, or get fun and funky with multiple colors.

Hot glue the ribbons diagonally around the shade at 1” intervals. Then attach and weave your second color (if you’re using one) diagonally in the opposite direction. Allow the hot glue to dry completely, then let your light shine! You can even make several shades and switch them out at the beginning of a new season.

6) Ribbon Statement Necklace

A DIY statement necklace is a stylish and easy craft with ribbon, and it only takes five minutes! Take some black velvet ribbon and a fun embellishment — like gold metal curtain rings — and simply weave the ribbon through. Tie a small bow at the nape of your neck, or sew on a clasp for a more secure latch.

7) Ribbon Tassel Key Chain

A pretty and functional keychain will make it just about impossible to lose your keys! All you need for this project are scissors, a keychain, and your favorite ribbon. After you’ve trimmed the ribbons to your preferred length, gather them together and fold them over the keychain. Tie an additional ribbon around the top to keep them secure. That’s it. You’re done! Jute, lace, and felt ribbons make an adorable shabby chic version.

Feeling inspired? Get all the ribbons you need for your next crafting project here!


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