6 Gorgeous Crafts with Paper Butterflies

Paper Butterflies

Let your next craft take flight with these vibrant butterfly-themed projects.

Paper butterflies may seem like a niche crafting item, but they’re actually surprisingly versatile. You can use them to add a whimsical touch to almost any room decor or special event. Here are six of our favorite decorating ideas:


1) Paper Butterfly MobilePaper Butterflies

Imagine your little one falling peacefully asleep to the fluttering of enchanted paper butterflies overhead. All you need are two dowel rods to cross over and tie together, some string, a butterfly punch (unless you’re super nimble with a pair of scissors), your favorite colorful craft paper, and a little-beaded trimming or feathery monarch butterfly ties to finish off the look. Bonus points if you can fold origami butterflies yourself!



2) Paper Butterfly Chandelier

A paper butterfly chandelier will stand out as the centerpiece in any child’s bedroom. As with the mobile, you’ll need paper butterflies, string, and trimming. Then you’ll use two embroidery hoops for the base to give the chandelier an elegant shape. Tie the hoops together with lengths of string, letting one hoop hang evenly from the other. Then deck your chandelier with butterflies and trimming (we love faux foliage!) and weave in some fairy lights for an extra bit of magic.

When you’re finished, tie four strings of equal length to the top embroidery hoop, making sure to space them evenly. Then, attach the other ends to a metal ring, from which the chandelier can hang.


3) Paper Butterfly GarlandPaper Butterflies

String your paper butterfly garland around a tree, over curtain rods, or from corner to corner across the ceiling. Use a mesh jewel ribbon or wired satin ribbon as your base, and build from there with colorful craft paper and a butterfly-shaped punch. In between your paper butterflies, sprinkle in a few spangle butterflies to add a little flair.


4) Wall Decorations

Paper butterfly wall art is a great craft project for elementary school classrooms! You’ll need colored or printed paper, a butterfly-shaped punch or a paper template, and a wall-safe adhesive for this project. Give children pre-cut butterflies and let them decorate with gems, markers, paper cutouts, and other colorful materials. You can place the finished butterflies at each student’s desk, or group them together for a collaborative piece of artwork.


5) Cake Decorations

Elegant white butterflies are a classic choice for wedding décor, and what better place to show them off than your cake? Try using edible wafer or rice paper butterflies, which will wow your guests and turn your wedding cake into a stunning centerpiece. The only problem is, it may be so gorgeous that guests won’t want to eat it!


6) Butterfly Paper Doilies

This is another easy craft project for kids! Grab a handful of paper doilies, some food coloring, a few paint brushes, and a package of pipe cleaners from the party or craft section of your favorite store. On top of an old towel, use the paint brush to dampen the doilies (don’t get them too wet, though, or they’ll tear). Let the kids drop food coloring onto the doilies and leave them to dry. Once dry, double fold the doily into a triangle and round out the edges with scissors so they look like butterfly wings. Fold the pipe cleaner around the middle, leaving enough at the edges for antennae, and you’ve got yourself a butterfly!

Let your imagination take flight with these paper butterfly crafts today: view our selection of paper butterflies, pick your favorites, and get started!


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