Personalize Your Easter Basket | 3 Basket Wrapping Tips

Spring is in the air! This can only mean one thing – Easter egg hunts and the need for a beautifully wrapped basket for your little ones and their Easter egg hunt (or simply a beautiful basket centerpiece for your Easter dinner tablescape). We fill, decorate, and wrap many baskets in our craft room and have compiled a few tricks to make Easter basket wrapping quick, easy, and fun to do!

Easter basket

Here are our 3 basket wrapping tips, from our craft room to yours –

Tip 1: Handled, woven baskets are the best

No matter what type of basket you’re looking to wrap, you can’t go wrong with the classic appeal of a plain, woven basket. If you’re like us and love a beautiful basket that is functional, we recommend using a handled basket.

Tip 2: Wrap your Easter basket with wired bow, here’s how

If you’re looking to add some personality to your basket, we recommend using ribbon. Ribbons are versatile, visually interesting, and when used as a basket wrap, can be oh-so-very charming.

To make your wrapping experience quick and easy, use ribbon that has wired edges. Wired ribbon is an absolute dream to work with because it provides the flexibility you need to make bows and designs of all difficulties. When picking your ribbon for this springtime season, stick with a color palette that is fun and playful – light shades of yellows, pinks, greens, and blues can accent the rustic woven basket perfectly. For added depth and dimension to your basket, mix and match patterns and fabrics within the same color family.

The Carnival Dots Wired Ribbon | Perfect For Easter Baskets

For our spring basket, we wanted a simple and sweet basket that our toddlers could use during their Easter egg hunt. It needed to be light, easy to carry, and adorable – the perfect Easter basket idea for a toddler. We wrapped the handle of our basket with the Carnival Dots Wired Ribbon and embellished each side of our plain, woven basket with a dainty bow.

Here’s how we wrapped our basket: The trick to wrapping is found in the beginning. We like to secure an end of our bow to the handle base with a dollop of hot glue. Then, we fold our ribbon back over itself diagonally and spiral upward towards the center of our handle. Once we reach the center, we adjust our angle slightly downward and continue the spiral motion. When we’ve reached the opposite handle base, we trim off the excess and secure it with another dollop of hot glue. As a finishing touch, we made two small bows from our excess ribbon and hot glued them to the edges of our basket handles.

Tip 3: Embellish and fill for your final touch of charm!

While we decorated our basket simply and sweetly, there are many other ways to personalize your basket and add your own flair to it. Explore spring colored crinkle paper to fill your basket and give your Easter eggs a soft cushion to rest in, or add a few decorative satin flowers for an added touch of elegance to your basket. You would be amazed at what a little hot glue and some creatively placed embellishments could do for your Easter basket.


Now that we’ve shared a few of our favorite basket wrapping tips, it’s time to create your own beautiful Easter basket. Get creative by mixing and matching your favorite springtime ribbons with something new. Get creative and find all the ribbon styles you need at!



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