The Ultimate Guide to Gift Decorating this Holiday Season

Need fun and fresh ideas for holiday gift wrapping this year? We’ve got you covered.

Gift Wrapping

Wrapping paper? Check. Tape? Check. Bows? Check. Unique bits and bobs to personalize your gifts? Che…oh, wait!

Nice touches like brightly colored ribbons, sparkly decals, and shiny baubles allow you to put your personal spin on a heartfelt gift. For holiday gifts that are almost too pretty to unwrap, try these fun gift wrapping ideas:


Gift Wrapping1) Kraft Paper and Washi Tape

Here’s a fresh take on “brown paper packages tied up with string.” Wrap your gifts in brown Kraft paper, then unleash your inner graphic designer with multi-colored washi tape. A red, white, and green lattice motif is always fun and festive, but let your imagination run wild! Use washi tape to adorn drinking straws with red and white stripes, then glue them together to create the perfect candy cane star topper.


2) Reindeer Silhouettes

Snow-white butcher paper makes a lovely background for Rudolph and friends. Print off a reindeer template online and trace onto newsprint, sheet music, or construction paper. For a bit more sparkle, try shiny craft paper!

After you’ve wrapped your gift, cut out the reindeer, then tape or glue onto the butcher paper. Finish it off with some string or jute twine.


3) Music to Our Ears

For the musician in your life, wrap a gift in holiday carol sheet music. Print old favorites like “Jingle Bells” and “Joy to the World” onto sepia-toned paper for an Old World look and feel. Wrap a red or gold satin ribbon around the gift and tie a few jingle bells into the bow so your gift is as melodious as its recipient!


4) Puffs and PomPoms

If you’re suffering from gift-wrapping fatigue, ditch the bow and go with a poofy topper. If you’re short on time, grab a standard feather puff or some basic pompom trim to use in place of ribbon.

However, you can easily make your own puff with tulle. Just cut a 3” x 8” length of tulle for a larger puff, or a 1” x 8” length for smaller puffs. Hand-sew a running stitch lengthwise down the center of the tulle, then gather it up and tie a knot in the thread. Trim around the edges and shape it until it’s round. Attach it to your gift with some nifty double stick tape, and you’ve got a whimsical topper!


5) Think Outside the Box

Gift WrappingInstead of the traditional square gift box, customize your packaging to fit the present inside. Put nail polish and a manicure set inside a pretty cosmetics bag and stick on a homemade puff topper (see above). For the home improvement guru in your family, stick a few gift cards from their favorite home or hardware store inside a paint can wrapped with a big polka dot bow. For the movie buff, pop some tickets or gift certificates inside a popcorn box along with a package of their favorite theater candy.

Our advice: When it comes to wrapping a gift, not all ribbons are created equal. Think about your overall aesthetic when selecting your ribbon. Burlap ribbons and raffia are great for rustic and natural themes. Satin and organza bring a touch of elegance. And metallic ribbon or tinsel cord are great for conveying a little holiday shine.




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